how to get pin straight hair

Pin Straight Hair: How to Achieve the Look

For the ultimate smooth, straight hair. 

Pin straight hair can be just as dramatic as big, bold curls. This hairstyle is so versatile, you can wear it casually or with some precise styling or set it into a high fashion look. Learning how to create pin straight hair is pretty easy and it works on all lengths of hair so you can rock it whether you have a bob or waist length hair. Read on to learn how to create pin straight hair.

How to Achieve Pin Straight Hair

pin straight hair with a flat iron

1. Protect your hair.

Heat from straightening irons can go all the way up to 450 degrees. That is a bit toasty for your hair, causing it to break of get damaged. To start, make sure you always use a heat protectant, like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist. This will protect your hair from heat as it leaves you with glossy, healthy-looking hair.

2. Use the right tools.

It may feel like there is a whole forest of hair straighteners when you walk down the hair tool isle. Your ideal hair straightener will depend on your hair type and your styling needs. In general, flat irons that are made of titanium are ideal for those with thick hair; whereas tourmaline plated straighteners are ideal if you have frizzy or curly hair. Ceramic hair straighteners are also another popular option, but they are known to heat up really quickly, so be careful when you use them on your hair. You’ll also want to make sure that your straightening iron is a good fit in your hand and that it is built to last so you don’t get heat inconsistencies in your hair.

3. Set your heat.

The general rule of thumb is the more thin or fine your hair is, the lower the heat should be. If you have very fine hair and you straighten your hair at the highest heat it will do more damage to your hair than good. Try straightening your hair at a low temperature and only work your way up if need be.

4. Section your hair.

To get truly pin straight hair you will need to go slowly and make sure you get all of your hair. Whipping your straightener through the ends of your hair can give you smoother locks in a hurry but you won’t be able to get perfectly pin straight hair. Section off the top part of your hair and work your way from the bottom up.

5. Angles matter.

When you are straightening your hair make sure you are doing one continuous pass from the roots to the tips at the same flat angle the whole time. It may be in your muscle memory to twist at the end to curl your hair under or to angle away from your face but this will give your hair more texture and wave.

6. Cool off.

When your hair is still cooling down make sure you don’t accidentally crease it. Something as simple as tucking your hair behind your ear after straightening can create a wave in your hair that is hard to fix once it has cooled all the way down. Have you ever seen behind the scenes photos of models with cards in their hair? This is done to keep pins from denting the hair. If you absolutely need to pin your hair out of your face after straightening bust out a pack of playing cards and give it a go.

7. Set your hair.

Make sure you don’t get any fly-aways or the dreaded mid afternoon frizz by locking in your style with some serum. The TRESemmé Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum works to smooth out any flyaways while making your locks super shiny and smooth.

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