Best Ponytail Holders for Your Hair Type

Allison | 23 September 2016

Because your hair is probably in one right now. 

For every good ponytail, there is a good ponytail holder keeping it all together. Ponytails are the most universal hairstyle and they look great on all hair lengths. From tiny pigtails on short hair to long length high ponytails–different hair calls for different ponytail holders. Read on to learn more about what ponytail holders are right for your hair.

Ponytail Holders for Every Hair Type

afro hairstyle Ponytail holders

1. Ponytail holders on short hair.

Your best bet for having short hair stay in a ponytail is to choose a clear elastic ponytail holder. You know the kind from the ’90s when it was a faux pas to have a visible hair tie? Those. For short hair you may not be able to get all of your hair in one ponytail, so try out two like in our hidden ponytail tutorial. You can also use a ponytail holder on natural hair where it works to neatly pull your hair back.

ponytail holders on medium-length hair
Double ponytail holders on medium length hair. Photo credit:

2. Ponytail holders on medium length hair.

The standard ponytail holder, you probably already have 100 of will work best for your medium length hair. We love the latest hair trend from NYFW with double ponytails. Cause, really, why just have one ponytail! We really love the cotton ties that are snag-free. The other kind (with metal connectors) can easily get caught in your hair and lead to messy knots that can cause it to break and get damaged. Medium length hair gives you just enough hair to work with, so try out some fun styles like a ‘50s inspired ponytail.

Ponytail holders on thin hair
Add some thickness to your hair by adding a ponytail to your thin hair. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

3. Ponytail holders on fine hair.

An elasticated ponytail holder with a rubberized outside works best to hold fine hair together. To prep fine hair to hold in a ponytail all day you’ll need a texturizing product. Fine hair is prone to slipping out of ponytails so use the Bed Head by TIGI Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm. This will give fine hair extra grit to hold in your cool ponytail hairstyle.

Ponytail holders on thick hair

4. Ponytail holders on thick hair.

For the chosen ones blessed with thick hair, an elastic ribbon ponytail holder is your best bet. The flat elastic puts less pressure on your hair and they are significantly stretchier than your average ponytail holder. This allows you to wrap the elastic as many times as you need to get your ponytail tight. You can also adjust where the elastic is knotted if you need to make yours larger or smaller.

ponytail holders on long hair

5. Ponytail holders on long hair

Dig through your memory box and pull out a scrunchie from your childhood. Or you can find one of the plastic spring style ponytail holders. Both of these styles make sure that your long hair is pulled back into your ponytail, while inflicting as little damage as possible. Long hair can be prone to breakage so you need to be extra careful with tight ponytails. To help prevent breakage, use some of the Suave Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum before styling your hair in a ponytail.

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