Good News: Effortless and Understated Hairstyles Are In This Summer

Sometimes less is best.

Effortless and understated hairstyles are the bread and butter of a successful summer. Much like ice cream trucks, fresh nectarines, and subway cars with broken AC, a New York girl’s summer just isn’t complete without the addition of understated hairstyles. Here are five of our favorite understated styles to get you through the summer heat:

1. Windblown Strands

understated hairstyles messy short straight hair brunette
Windswept strands make a simple yet definitive statement. Photo credit:

Pair a structured neutral outfit with windswept strands for a chic and understated look. Summer is all about bold accessories in the place of hair that requires too much finessing. This wash-and-wear style works for every day of the week!

2. Neat Ponytail

understated hairstyles center part blonde low ponytail
Tie it up, nice and neat. Photo credit:

Cool off with one of our favorite understated hairstyles: a neat and tidy ponytail. Use Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to slick your hair back into a low ponytail. A sharp center part adds to the edginess of this look!

3. Bone Straight Strands

understated hairstyles brunette straight hair center part
Sleek strands prove minimalist vibes are still in. Photo credit:

If you do straighten your hair, prep with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray. This must-have product for understated hairstyles will ensure your strands stay bone straight even through the worst humidity.

4. Modern Bob

understated hairstyles braided bob
An asymmetrical twist takes this bob into 2019. Photo credit:

The modern bob is asymmetrical and may or may not include a shaved side. You’ll be feeling cool all summer long in this style.

5. Layered Trends

understated hairstyles bangs headband ponytail
Why settle for one trend when you can layer a few? Photo credit:

Last but not least, consider a simple accessory. We love this ribbon headband paired with full bangs. This intersection of two of this summer’s hottest trends is one of our favorite understated hairstyles of the summer.