10 Headband Hairstyles for All of the Parties

Instant mood-lifter too!

Party season means it’s primetime glamming-up season, and we’re obviously so stoked! Not that we need any reason to bring out the big guns anyway, but something about that festive holiday air really gets us giddy about dressing up during this time of year. There’s no time like the present to up our hair game, and even if you’re not usually one to accessorize, it’s the best time of the year to try all those cute headband hairstyles and still be on point.

Whether you’re treating them as your outfit’s pièce de resistance, or simply as an afterthought or to give your ensemble a last-minute festive touch, it’s undeniable: Headband hairstyles are a keeper for holiday party style. Scroll down for some super-pretty looks featuring both headband and bandana hairstyles and even some bows in your hair, and prepare to be the cutest in the room!

10 Headband Hairstyles to Keep You On Point this Holiday Season

headband hairstyles tan headband
Skinny, scrunchy, terracotta leather—SO chic. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Skinny Leather Headband

Anchoring that modern baby beehive got just a tad more elegant with this charming, vintagey bun with headband throwback. A thin headband (you can opt for an elastic version or an actual half-moon band) nestled right at the seam of your bump is a clever way to add on to the mod feel of your look, while still looking and feeling effortless. For the updo-phobic, it can also be used to actually give the illusion of a faux bump itself: Worn a bit closer to the crown and away from your temples, it nudges the hair up to create a slight beehive effect that’s adorable as it is chic. We love the added gleam of Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray as a final touch.

headband hairstyles short pixie embellished

Sequined headbands get muted down when done in dark colors.

2. Sequined Headband

Nothing screams holiday quite like sequins! Although we think that all-sequin-errthang might be a bit too much for your regular fireplace get-together (save it for NYE!), a little sparkly touch, like a plushy, embellished headband or some tiny paillettes, can subtly drive the point home. To add a bit of pixie-ish appeal, wear your headband higher up so you have room to style your fringe area with a few curls and a visible side part. Pair with some shiny studs and you’re sure to catch the light (and your guests’ attention) in the classiest way.

headband hairstyles gold leaf ivy
Call it the holiday floral crown. #FestiveBest

3. Goddess Headband

Headband hairstyles that make use of gilded accessories are oh-so-perfect for the holidays. Styles like skinny, gold-plated ivy wreaths and glittered floral-encrusted bands offer a boho-chic exclamation point to your white and neutral outfits. The look is a refined take on rustic and earthy, and looks its most fabulous during candlelit occasions, like that Christmas Eve vigil or drinking eggnog with your besties around the hearth. Fans of music festival floral crowns will also appreciate the Greek-goddess feel, which, when worn with middle-parted waves, redefines #FestiveBest.

headband hairstyles embellished fabric
An easy, modern update to the vintage fascinator. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Embellished Headband

A simple fabric ribbon gets a holiday-worthy upgrade with some ornate embellishments. It gives a shot of glam to an otherwise everyday top knot or ponytail, and, depending on the material used, can actually brighten up your countenance as well! This über-flattering headband design can be worn as thin or thick as desired; keep the accent piece off at an angle though, for a pretty, side-swept effect. Pair with your fave cozy cable-knit sweater, a Peter Pan collared top or anything girly. Note: Keep those curls springy and defined with Suave Define & Shine Serum Gel!

headband hairstyles pearl diamond headband
Why, halo there: There’s nothing a pearlized hair accessory can’t prettify. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Angelic Headband

If you’ve been looking for an occasion to bust out those diamonds and pearls, then Christmas season is it. Gem-encrusted headbands are the definition of holiday glam; worn with some rich-girl waves and some minimalist makeup, it’s the epitome of citified party style. Inject a downtown ethereal feel by wearing these headband hairstyles in a more unconventional manner—with loose, kinda messy hair, and a bit past the temples—so the effect is fun and flirty, particularly when teamed with that A-line tulle skirt and a glass of bubbly.

headband hairstyles embellished sparkle
Tiara-like accessories call for some regal (and reckless?) behavior. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Sexy-Princess Headband

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, they say, but not in this case. A two-pronged wire headband (brought to new sparkly, rhinestone-embellished heights) is a lighthearted nod to a more regal style. The seriousness of the look highly depends on how polished your updo is: Casual and a bit loose, as shown, and it’s more fairy-nymph; taut and sleek, and it’s beautifully ecclesiastical. Our fave: worn a bit high, with a bit of fluff caught in between the prongs, for a totally naughty-but-nice chignon that would make Santa think twice. Sport this queenly accessory unironically, together with a high-necked lace blouse and motorcycle jeans for a wild night out on the town. Finish with some flexible-hold hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold Hair Spray Level 1, to keep any frizzies at bay.

headband hairstyles beribboned
What’s the best gift s/he’s ever received this year? Why, you, of course! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

7. Beribboned

A messy bun with headband look made of ribbon gives a clever, tongue-in-cheek nod to the gift-giving season. Remind your S.O. that you, m’lady, are the best gift there is with a deep, jewel-toned strip of ribbon tied around your head. We love these kinds of headband with bun situations, as they are equally as stunning for both casual and work parties.

headband hairstyles bejeweled
Have fun with your short hair with a sparkly accessory.

8. Bejeweled

Not one for sporting a high bun with headband? Have fun with short hair instead and accentuate those ringlets with a sparkly, light-catching accessory. We love the formal, ornate details in a Victorian-inspired thin headband, which instantly jazzes up your outfit and makes your look more evening-worthy. Don’t forget the hairspray, like TRESemme TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to keep those curls on point.

fascinator headband hairstyles
A little drama never hurt anyone.

9. Fascinator-Inspired

For those holiday theme parties, why not serve up a bit of Flapper-era drama? A headband that features large, OTT floral appliqués, dark feathers and satin ribbons have a bit of a sexy Baroque mystery to them that’s in tune with the decadence of the party season.

hair sticks headband hairstyles
Having a cozy night in? A folksy, equally quirky hair accessory is just the thing.

10. Hair Sticks

Consciously sitting out the crazy festivities and opting to snuggle in with your nearest and dearest? Maintain a semblance of chic—yes, even during the chilliest of Netflix-and-chill nights—with a quirky hair stick. These Eastern hair accessories have evolved into modern, easy-to-use versions that, when used correctly, can keep even the thickest of hair snug and budge-free. The trick with hair sticks: Coil hair around its base to form a bun, and spear the stick through middle to outward layer. Lastly, spear it through the area beside your bun (as above), to anchor it down.

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