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Dreaming About Hair? See the Meanings!

Tap into what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Call it cabin fever, call it anxiety, call it just thinking all the things—but spending all this time at home recently has undeniably affected us on a physical, emotional and yes, mental level. For some people, this can even manifest subconsciously, in the form of what pops up in our dreams. Dreaming about hair and haircuts is apparently a pretty commonplace thing during times of hunkering for change, especially in one’s own life. It also might mean that you are at a stage when you’re ready to leave the past behind.

Surprised? So were we! If you’re at all curious about what it means to dream of cutting your hair, or even just of getting a haircut (full stop), you’ve come to the right place.

Spoiler alert: It’s also important to take into account who does the hair cutting, as this can change the meaning of your hair dream altogether! Intrigued? Read on and uncover the meaning behind your haircut dreams:

Dreaming About Haircuts

Dreams can have numerous meanings, and, in psychology, can be used to identify the feelings and stage that a person is going through. Hair, in particular, represents who you are—its connections to your identity and heritage are pretty self-explanatory—so much so that it plays a big part in your life. That said, when it shows up in your dreams, it can mean that the issues associated with the image you put out to the world are demanding greater attention.

dreaming about hair change
Having some hairy dreams lately?

Generally speaking, when your hair appears prominently and looks healthy in your dream, it’s a sign of a phase where vanity, self-love or even confidence is significantly higher at the moment (go you!). Conversely, if you’re hiding your hair in your dreams, you’re probably not at that level yet and it might be high-time to give yourself some TLC—and ramp up on the positive affirmations.

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Does dreaming about hair and haircuts mean change?

Much as we’ve all had that urge to dye our hair or go for a real-life haircut when we want a change, dreaming about a haircut may indicate that a cycle in your life has ended and a new one is about to begin.

Cutting Someone Else’s Hair

If you dream about cutting someone else’s hair, it may be because you have something you need to address with the said person—a need to resolve a fallout, perhaps, or maybe even taking a step back from the relationship you have with them.

On the other hand, you might be dreaming about this cutting someone else’s hair because you want to help this other person, but aren’t able to.

Hair Being Cut

If your hair is being cut by someone else, it could be interpreted as that you feel that someone is taking away your power or feel that someone is conspiring to harm you. You might be under some stress at work or feel out of control in a certain situation.

hair dreams haircut
A haircut can signify the need to let go of an old phase, habit or way of thinking.

The Hairstyle You Dream About Also Matters

It is a positive sign if your hair is healthy and shiny in your dream. It also means that you’re willing to go with the flow.

If your hair looks stressed or damaged, it might mean you need to take some time for some self-care. Messy hair can indicate an increase in creativity and originality, or a willingness to go against the grain of conventional standards.

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Hair Fall

If you’re feeling a bit anxious (totally normal these days!), are worried about losing something or are feeling restless, this can result in a dream about hair loss. Dreaming about someone close to you losing their hair, or losing hair yourself, represents a really drastic change in the form of a new start or a moment of total detachment and personal sacrifice.

If you dream that you are bald, it can mean that major change is coming in the form of a life overhaul!

If it happens to someone else, it can mean that this other person may be bringing you good news and that you are nurturing new energy that’s on its way.

A Few More Common Interpretations

Getting a Short Haircut

Dreaming about hair that’s been cut short can indicate a loss in business.

Long Hair

If you dream about long hair that’s bound in a ponytail or bun, it can indicate a desire to keep something secret or “under wraps.” It can also mean difficulty or reluctance to end one phase and begin another; it can signify a phase of greater attachment to the present situation.

Loose/Untied Hair

Dreaming about hair that’s left loose or has come loose from a bun or pony can mean that you have a tendency to exaggerate a little in your dealings with others.

dreaming about hair loose
Loose tendrils can mean something too. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Blond Hair

This can mean a radical change is afoot.

White Hair

This is actually a fortuitous dream: Dreaming about white hair is said to be a sign of a positive phase and a long and prosperous life.

If the white hair belongs to someone else, it can mean that you are correctly using and taking advantage of the experiences that life offers you. If you are the one with white hair, it indicates that you have lots of good desires and positive ambition.

Hair in Food

This type of dream can represent a possible financial or emotional loss, as well as a moment of fear or apprehension.

How to Interpret Your Own Dreams

If you want to interpret your own haircut dreams further, ask yourself the following questions to get a deeper understanding of what your subconscious might be pinging your way:

1. Do I want positive change to happen?
2. Am I too attached to a certain solution?
3. Am I ready to start a new habit/phase of life and let go of old ones?

Once you’ve got this all figured out, you can look forward to those precious zzz’s to gain more insight into your real motivations. Hopefully, this provides more peace of mind during high-anxiety times. Sweet dreams!

This article originally appeared in All Things Hair Brazil.

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