Twists, Dreadlocks and Box Braids with Shaved Sides to Love

Creative style ideas ahead!

Are you thinking of updating a protective style like box braids, twists or even dreadlocks with something a bit on the wild side? We’re all for it! Adding a shaved side, whether it’s inspired by a mohawk or a cool undercut design, gives any look an edgy twist. We have a ton of favorites but narrowed it down to wearable looks you’ll love. Read on to discover 8 twist, dreadlocks and box braids with shaved sides styles:

1. Box Braid Bun

box braids shaved sides bun
Secure the bun.

Gather your hair up into a bun to put your shaved sides on full display.

2. Crochet Braids

box braids: shaved sides crochet
Unicorn hair of our dreams. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

Want to give protective styles like crochet braids an update? Shave the sides of your hair and add a fun color combo.

3. Curly Dreads

box braids with shaved sides: dreadlocks
Wavy dreads.

Dress up dreadlocks with shaved sides by adding waves to your locs. After curling your hair using flexi rods, set your style with a firm hold hairspray like Suave Professionals Firm Control Finishing Hairspray.

4. Shaved with Designs

box braids with shaved sides: designs
Up the ante with designs.

Thinking of ways to refresh your shaved side? Add in a design to make your look pop!

5. Shaved Side with Low Pony

box braids with shaved sides: low ponytail dreads
Keep it casual with a low pony.

You can’t ever go wrong with a low ponytail on your shaved side style.

6. The Subtle Shave

box braids with shaved sides: subtle shave
Long hair, don’t care.

A subtle side shave adds an edgy finish to your style. Keep the sides down with a fingertip amount of Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick.

7. Side Swept Braids

box braids with shaved sides: side swept
Who can sport the look better than you? Own your style!

There’s something so effortless about the side swept look. Sweep your braids on over to create this chic style with a side shave. Define your curls on your shaved side with Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum.

8. Senegalese Twist with Side Shave

box braids with shaved sides: twists
When your protective style is #goals.

Not into box braids? You can pair up the side shaven look with Senegalese twists, too. Keep your hairline and baby hair in check with Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel.

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