Rachelle Yadegar

5 Minutes with Rachelle Yadegar of Not Without My Heels

We talk to one of the biggest bloggers in the modest fashion scene.

A quick scroll through the Instagram of Rachelle Yadegar pulls you into what she aptly describes as the best of two of fashion’s major cities, New York and Los Angeles. Born in New York and raised in LA, Rachelle is a fashion designer, blogger, stylist and co-owner of RaJu Official, a modest fashion online boutique. Her signature style includes a jet black wavy bob, an expertly applied smokey eye and flawless outfit combinations that she debuts on Not Without My Heels, the 4”11 blogger’s platform to inspire thousands with impeccable modest outfits.

Keep reading to learn more about Rachelle’s style, inspiration, and of course, her hair care routine.

Rachelle Yadegar of Not Without My Heels

Rachelle Yadegar
Rachel accessorizes her signature black bob with panache. Photo credit: Dylan Perlot

All Things Hair: What does your usual hair care routine look like?

Rachelle Yadegar: I typically shower my hair two to three times a week. My hair is short and curly so it takes forever to style. Dry shampoo is my best friend!

All Things Hair: Has your hair always been short? What has your hair journey been like?

Rachelle Yadegar: No, but I love it short. Believe it or not, I had a long weave way back then. 

All Things Hair:  Where do you find your fashion and beauty inspiration?

Rachelle Yadegar: Honestly, Instagram is filled with so much inspiration. Researching on fashion websites—they’re always up to date—and even from watching my favorite TV shows. You learn so much!

All Things Hair:  What’s your top hair secret?

Rachelle Yadegar: Dirty hair is your best hair! Also, if you have dark hair, a henna mask every so often does wonders!

All Things Hair: What’s one trend you have always wanted to try?

Rachelle Yadegar: Secretly, I’ve always wanted pink hair. It’s so cool and playful!

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