The Chicest, Most Messy-Cool Blonde Bob Looks We Love

Or: How to look cool hot without even trying.

We’re calling it now: If you’ve ever wanted to stand out from the pack, get a blonde bob. Nothing says “head babe in charge” more than a uniquely sophisticated short cut that only looks low-maintenance to the untrained eye. We all know the upkeep that goes into this particular hairstyle, however: Seamless, brass-free color, fresh-looking ends and a glossy shine don’t happen to those who aren’t on point with their look.

For those looking for some inspiration before making the cut, we curated some of our favorite, luxe-looking yet downtown-cool blonde bob hairstyles to get our point across. Remember: It’s all about organized chaos (or something like it)! Scroll down and get enlightened:

Current Obsession: Messy-Cool Blonde Bob Looks

blonde bob platinum ponytail
The ponytail gets elevated when rendered in an edgy platinum. Photo credit:

1. Platinum Ponytail

The baby ponytail gets 1000 more style points when it becomes part of an overall slightly subversive look. It’s not easy to maintain a platinum blonde bob, and this version, which has just the right amount of dark rootage peeking through, also boasts of a healthy-looking shine.

blonde bob messy waves
Boho-girl waves are a great way to mask bleached ends. Photo credit:

2. Lazy Waves

The blonde bob version of rich-girl hair, this look features just a slight bend at the mid-lengths and an easy middle part (which may or may not be topped off with your designer accessory of choice). Bleached locks also maintain their shine and remain brass-free with the help of a regular glossing regimen, so don’t forget to get your appointment in.

blonde bob platinum shag
The It Girl hairstyle of 2016: the shag. Photo credit:

3. Cool-Girl Shag

Not quite a bob person, but still crave the look of short hair? Go for a shag, this year’s unofficial sleeper hit. Subtle layering at the neck makes this a totally more flattering look than its mullet-like predecessor. Remember to also ask your stylist for a curtain fringe to tie the look together.

blonde bob messy waves
How to work messy waves off the beach: Add a deep side part. Photo credit:

4. Curly Bob

This look has a refreshing ’80s-perm vibe, but not in the scary way. The blonde bob gets a major volume boost with a blunt, non-layered haircut, and the tight curls provide a bit of a texture change as well. Styled with some mousse or lifting spray and not much else, it’s a minimalist’s take on the perm.

blonde bob gritty lob
The gritty lob is a city gal’s secret weapon. Photo credit:

5. Wispy Lob

The wispy, slightly rooty lob gives a bit of a downtown edge to an otherwise regular concave bob. This look is a bit smudgy at the top, which lends it a gritty/pretty vibe that doesn’t at all read stuffy. Pair this look with your favorite frilly dress and see your style in a whole new light.

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