How to Create a Stylish Faux Bob

Give a shorter look a test run without cutting off your coveted strands. 


Craving a change but not sure you’re ready to commit to cutting five to six inches off? We totally get that. The faux bob is the best way to give a short haircut a test run without regretting an irreversible change. Try it for a night out to see how it feels, for an entire week to decide if it’s a look you want to rock all the time, or create this look just to snap a few photos and see what you think about this length on your face shape. A drastic haircut is not for the faint of heart and sometimes easing into it and knowing what to expect can make the transition a lot easier. No plans to cut off your precious locks anytime soon? That’s okay, too. Try this faux bob for those moments when you’re in search of a temporary change. Read on to discover how to create this chic look in minutes.

How to Create a Faux Bob


Prep your hair.

Start with cleaned and conditioned hair by using the Dove Radiant Shine Shampoo, followed by the Dove Radiant Shine Conditioner. Then, prep your hair for blowdrying by spritzing it with some of the S Factor Body Boost. This formula works to help to smooth the hair as it adds volume and hold to your style.



Blow-dry your hair.

After your hair is at 90% dry, use a blowdryer to drying your hair. Use your fingers to lift the roots of your hair as you add volume.






Curl your hair.

Using a curling wand, start at the front of your hair and create curls that extend downwards away from your face. This will create the initial structure for a voluminous-looking bob.



Pin your curls.

Hold each curl on the iron for 30 seconds and then let it fall. Wrap the curl around your finger until the end of each strand, and pin it into place against your head.



Curl all over.

Continue curling and pin each curl as you go. Keep working around the rest of your head until all of your hair is curled.



Let your curls set.

Let the curls set as they cool down and achieve optimal bounciness.



Brush your curls.

Take out the pins and let the curls down, run your fingers through the ends, and lightly brush through the curls.



Create a ponytail.

Create a loose ponytail and tightly secure it in place.





Up and under.

Twist the ponytail up and under itself and use your fingers to roll it out and fill it out into the faux bob.



Pin your hair in place.

Slide a few bobby pins into the bottom of the bob, securing the hairstyle in place. This will also ensure that your look stays put.



Lock in your style.

Use some of the TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray to achieve a frizz-free, all-day hold.




You’re all set. Rock this chic faux bob without saying goodbye to your long hair…temporarily. 



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