The Shorter, The Better: 21 Bob Hairstyles That are Perfect for Spring

We're making the case for short and sweet.

Short bob hairstyles are iconic looks that have been around for decades. These timeless cuts are always one of the poshest styles you can have, and are favored on and off the runway for their striking yet classic look. They’re so versatile and can be styled so many ways, which is why we can’t ever get enough of this cool cut! They’re also the perfect cut to refresh your locks (spring cleaning, amirite?) and get rid of dead strands and split ends. If you’re pondering on chopping your locks into a bob cut, then check out these 21 hot styles for some major inspiration:

21 Short Bob Hairstyles for Spring

short bob hairstyles rounded
This circular-shaped bob is so avant-garde.

1. Rounded

This rounded out look will make your short bob hairstyles stand out from the crowd. Make sure you give your hair a sleek and sexy look like the one above by using Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum when styling.

short bob hairstyles undercut
Give your short bob haircuts and edge with an undercut.

2. Undercut

Make your short bobs stand out from the crowd with an undercut.

short bob hairstyles super short
Be extra with this super short bob.

3. Super Short Bob

If you’re into the extremes of life, then try out this super short bob haircut. This style is ready for the catwalk (or just the office).

short bob hairstyles ombre
Create a style that’s as bold as your short bob hairstyles with ombré-dyed locks.

4. Ombré

Ombré isn’t a style that’s reserved for long locks, it also works with styles for short natural hair! This look is très chic, and we can never get enough of it.

short bob hairstyles layered
Give your bob an edged look with layers.

5. Layered

Layers add a boost of personality to your bob.

short bob hairstyles edgy
Get the rebellious look with this edgy bob.

6. Edgy

If you want a style that’s as bold as you, then create an edgy bob by teasing your strands with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel.

short bob hairstyles blow out
Go big and bold by giving your bob a blow out.

7. Blow Out

Create a full-on glamorous hairstyle by blowing out your bob. This is one of our favorite looks for special events and soirees of the season.

short bob hairstyles rounded curls
Reach new heights with your style by rounding out your curled bob.

8. Rounded Curls

Go full circle with your style by creating these curls for a rounded affect. To give your hair some volume, make sure to use Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip before styling.

short bob hairstyles flapper cut
The flapper cut is one of the most legendary short bob cuts.

9. Flapper Cut

This vintage style is getting the comeback it deserves this season, and we’re way too hyped about it!

short bob hairstyles pastel
Make your short bob hairstyles pop with some pastel color.

10. Pastel

Need a sweet new color for the springtime? Then a fun pastel color will do just the trick to satisfy your hair cravings.

short bob hairstyles side swept bangs
Get the sultry look with side swept bangs.

11. Side Swept Bangs

This seductive style paris perfectly with any of our short bob hairstyles.

short bob hairstyles platinum
Forget gold, it’s time to go for the platinum look.

12. Platinum

This striking color paired with a short bob will have every style goddess shook to their core.

short bob hairstyles full bangs
These full and thick bangs give your short bob haircut an edge.

13. Full Bangs

This full, straight-lined bang cut is all you need to upgrade your style. Make your hairstyle nearly flawless by smoothing down any frizz and unruly strands with Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

short bob hairstyles beach waves
These beach waves are giving us summertime vibes.

14. Beach Waves

We’re all dying for summer right now, and the only way to make our hearts feel a little warmer is by creating these hot beach waves.

short bob hairstyles flipped ends
This retro look is making a major comeback.

15. Flipped Ends

This 1950s-inspired bob will make you the style queen you’ve been waiting to turn into.

short bob hairstyles micro bangs
These micro bangs will make a major impact on your style.

16. Micro Bangs

Go big and bold with your style by chopping your bangs above your brows and creating this micro look.

short bob hairstyles highlights
Give your short bob hairstyles a pop of color with some highlights.

17. Highlights

Do your short bob hairstyles feel a little one-dimensional? Then add some definition and color to them by getting some highlights! Whether you choose subtle naturals or strips of vibrant neons, your looks will pop out like never before with them.

short bob hairstyles straight
Short, straight, and to the point.

18. Straight

We like our styles straight-up and sleek. If you’re grabbing the straightener to create this look, don’t forget to use Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray before styling to keep your locks guarded from heat damage!

short bob hairstyles heavy side part
A heavy side part gives your hair a voluminous effect.

19. Heavy Side Part

Give your hair a full effect by styling it in this heavy side part.

short bob hairstyles curls
Upgrade your style with these curls.

20. Curls

These big, bold curls will elevate your style. They’re one of our top short bob hairstyles for any hot date or big night out.

short bob hairstyles asymmetrical
An asymmetrical cut gives you a runway-ready look.

21. Asymmetrical

Do you like to go against the grain with your style? Then this asymmetrical cut is the perfect fit for your rebellious yet chic attitude.

Need more style guidance for your short hair? Then check out these short and straight hairstyles to test out!

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