8 Best Flat Iron Hairstyles to Try Now

When it comes to slaying those trending holiday hairstyles, flat iron techniques are the only tricks you need to master.

The flat iron is one of our favorite hair tools because it’s so versatile! For one, you can use it to create so many different flat iron hairstyles, which is especially key for any special occasions or fun nights out. And huge bonus: You don’t have to use them to just achieve flat, sleek hair. Now, many people even use them to achieve stunning curls and head-turning waves. Awesome, right?

Flat Iron Hairstyles for 2022

Ready to rock the latest flat iron hairstyles? Read on to learn more about how to can get most out of your handy flat iron by scoping out several of our fave ironed-out looks:

1. Sleek and Straight

flat iron hairstyles sleek and straight
Those coveted sleek strands can be yours with a flat iron. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

First things first: Use the flat iron for it’s original intention—to create sleek, straight hair.

We recommend starting by using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray to protect your hair from the heat, as well as add shine. All you need to do is mist your hair and allow to dry for a minute or so. Then, use your flat iron to straighten your hair. Keep your motion totally even so you don’t create a bend in the hair.

2. Curled Under

flat iron hairstyles sleek bob
Make sure your bob is rocking this season with some help from your flat iron.

Curled-under bobs are one of those really cute flat iron hairstyles you can create in minutes. To achieve, you’ll need to change up your straightening technique a bit. Start off by straightening your hair as usual. Then, when you are about two inches from the ends of your hair, turn the flat iron inward towards your neck (be careful!) without releasing your grip. Tug lightly to release the ends, and you’ll have a gorgeous pageboy-inspired look.

3. Loose Curls

flat iron hairstyles curls
Achieve gorgeous curls with the help of your flat iron. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

One of our favorite flat iron hairstyles involves curls, whether these be in the form of natural flat iron hairstyles, where hair is loosely coiled, or chunkier, tighter ringlets. To create a curly texture that isn’t too springy, you’ll need to start by turning down the heat.

Using a high heat flat iron to create curls will make it much harder for the curls to loosen up! Also, you’ll want to twist the straightener around your temple area so your curl will start lower on the hair shaft. See the handy-dandy tutorial.

4. Natural-Looking Waves

flat iron hairstyles waves
Create stunning waves with your flat iron. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

To create a naturally wavy texture, apply Suave Air Dry Cream Heat Free Styler onto your hair. Once your hair has dried, create random bends in your hair by clamping and twisting your flat iron. Create one wave at a time for a tousled effect. Voila! Another seriously cute flat iron hairstyles you can do to change up your look.

5. Perfect Curls

flat iron hairstyles curls
Define your curls this season with a flat iron. Bet you didn’t know that this would be in the hairstyles flat iron folder!

Using a flat iron to create curls is so easy! And, it makes curling short hair even easier. All you need to do is twist the flat iron while pulling your hair through. Master this look by following our step-by-step tutorial for flat iron curls.

6. Textured Straight Hair

flat iron hairstyles texture
A textured, bed head look is a fun way to add dimension to your hair. It’s just one of the natural flat iron hairstyles looks you can achieve.  Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Creating textured straight hair with your flat iron is easy!

Place your flat iron around the ends of your hair while curling it to create volume and texture. You can also enhance this look by lightly misting your hair with Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray. Then, lightly scrunch your fingers throughout your hair to define. Another perfectly done undone natural flat iron hairstyle to add to your style arsenal.

7. Straight With Body

flat iron hairstyles straight with body
A flat iron can add some slight body to your straight hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Blown-out hair that isn’t stick-straight is also possible with a flat iron. You can do this two ways: First, straighten your hair for a pin-straight look the day before, and sleep with your hair in a bun. This will keep your hair straight as you add in some loose bends. Alternatively, you can also create the bends by very slightly twisting the flat iron as you pass it down your hair.  Sassy and cute flat iron hairstyles like these are a great way to switch up your look.

8. Winged Out

flat iron hairstyles winged out
Wing out on your hair with the help of a flat iron.

This is one of those cute flat iron hairstyles that you can create in no time at all. It looks particularly great on short, layered haircuts. To start, take random pieces of your hair and use the flat iron to curl the ends upwards. This gives a fun, piecey, winged-out look that oozes with personality.

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