15 of the Chicest Ways to Style an A Line Bob

Change up your look with a chic a line bob.

There comes a point in every girl’s life when she decides to finally part with her long hair and opt for a more practical and grown-up style like the a line bob. We’re not talking about embracing the soccer mom haircut before you want to, but rather gracefully transitioning into the next, more mature stage of your life. Enter: The A line bob, a bob that gets progressively shorter the further back it goes.

15 Ways to Wear an A Line Bob

Consider the a line bob the chicer older sister of the regular bob: more interesting, exciting, and with a better sense of style. Have we sold you on the a line bob yet? Read on for all the inspiration you need before heading to your stylist:

1. White Blonde A Line Bob

a line bob dark white blonde angled
Brighten up your bob.

Brighten up your cut and color at the same time by dyeing your new a-line bob a striking shade of white-blonde color. This bright shade of white-blonde hair works on a range of skin tones and looks especially striking when paired with an a-line bob.

2. Textured A Line Bob

a line bob dark textured bob with bangs
Add some texture to your style.

Give your bob some extra hold and texture by spraying it with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1. We love how this much texture and movement work with a short cut.

3. Stick Straight A-Line

a line bob dark stick straight brunette
Straighten your strands.

Highlight the unique edges of your a-line bob by straightening your hair into a stick-straight style. Spritz your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray before you straighten to ensure your hair doesn’t undergo lots of damage in the straightening process.

4. Silvery Blonde

a line bob dark silver blonde short
Dye your hair silvery blonde.

Show off your new cut with fresh new color, too. This silvery blonde color is eye-catching and captivating.

5. Air-Dry A-Line Bob

a line bob dark natural redhead straight
Brush and go.

Let your air-dried hair take center stage and simply brush your hair and go. An a-line bob affords you the ease of a style that requires minimal effort but looks chic nonetheless.

6. Messy A Line Bob

a line bob dark messy brunette
Wear it tousled.

Let your hair fall in whatever direction it naturally goes for an easy, messy, and laid-back look. The benefit of a short haircut is that a messy style somehow looks instantly intentional and slept-in in a cool way.

7. Defined Curls A Line

a line bob dark honey blonde natural curls
Add some definition to your curls.

Add some extra definition to your curls and wear them short and tight by applying Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse to your hair when it’s damp. This mousse will give your curls some extra definition and hold.

8. Second-Day Curls

a line bob dark highlighted easy curls
This style for a few days at a time.

The best styles are the ones that look good on day one, day two, and even day three. Wear these curls for two to three days at a time to achieve this easy slept-in texture.

9. Chestnut Brown

chestnut brown woman wearing dress in a garden
Try a warm honey color.

Warm this edgy style up with scattered highlights and a chestnut brown base. This color combination will take this haircut from edgy to sweet instantly.

10. Brushed Over

a line bob dark brushed over brunette
Brush it to the side.

Flip your hair over to one side for a casual take on a more buttoned-up style. The dark lipstick is optional, but we applaud the commitment to a super edgy overall look.

11. Side Part

a line bob dark brunette thin side part
Add instant volume.

The easiest way to add instant volume to your style is by switching to a side part. Flip your hair over the opposite side for some instant volume.

12. Blunt Bangs A Line Bob

a line bob dark blunt bangs light red
Pair your a-line bob with blunt bangs.

Pair your a-line bob with a set of edgy blunt bangs. This look is all clean lines and angles and we love the edgy and blunt results.

13. Blown Out

a line bob dark blown out
Blow your strands out.

Give yourself an at-home blowout for an even more grown-up version of this style. You’ll be left with soft volume that somehow marries the edgiest haircut with the most mature styling methods.

14. Air-Dried

a line bob dark blonde highlights air dried
Air dry your colored hair.

Let your hair air-dry and take advantage of your natural texture for an easy and undone look. Messiness is key when it comes to this look, so don’t stress too much about where your hair falls.

15. Curling Wand Curls A-Line Bob

a line bob dark bleach blonde curling wand curls
Use a curling wand to create easy curls.

Use a 1-inch curling iron to create easy curls. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can curl all of your hair when it’s cut this short!

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