7 Straight Hairstyles for Short Hair That Aren’t Boring

Pin straight styles for your super short locks.

We’re totally into short hair for 2018. For those of us not blessed with ringlets, we’ll have to add interest to our short styles in other ways. Because, really, we want straight hairstyles for short hair to look cool and not just plain ol’ vanilla. We like braids for short hair of course, but there are other straight hairstyles for short hair that we’re feeling this year, especially since most of us are craving for a fresh start for the new year. Read on to check out some of our favorite straight hairstyles for short hair that you’ll definitely want to try:

Straight Hairstyles For Short Hair You’ll Love

how to style straight hairstyles for short hair pin straight
Perfectly straight for an edgy pixie. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Pin Straight Pixie

Have you ever seen a more perfectly straight pixie? It can be slightly tricky to straighten hair this short, so here’s our quick tips! First, you’ll want to start with a good flat iron that’s no larger than half an inch thick. Second, even though you have short hair, to get this pin straight look, you’ll still need to section off your locks. You don’t need to do many; just two sections can help get you that perfect smooth, straight result.

how to style straight hairstyles for short hair shaved side
No need to get a buzz.

2. Real (or Faux) Shaved Side

If you don’t want to commit full time to a shaved side, try slicking a side back! You can play around with the edgy look, without needing to bust out the buzzer. Use Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel and a comb to smooth back on side of your hair. A firm-hold gel is totally necessary to tame down those little short strands that may want to pop out.

how to style straight hairstyles for short hair piecey
Piecey perfection.

3. Voluminous, Piecey Pixie

Bored with your straight hairstyles for short hair? Go for this totally voluminous version. You’ll need a wax like S Factor By TIGI Creamy Molding Wax to achieve this lived-in, bedhead effect. Use the wax to prop up your roots, and you can also pinch sections of hair between your fingers to get the pieced-out effect.

how to style straight hairstyles for short hair wings
Wing it out for that ’70s look.

4. Wing It Up

Why not try this fun lifted look? You’ll either need to flat iron your hair upwards, or you’ll need to use that same wax to achieve this effect. Using a flat iron, take vertical sections and straighten your hair in an upwards motion. When you reach the top of your hair, straighten it down at a slight angle.

how to style straight hairstyles for short hair headband
Try a thin headband, or a thick bandana.

5. Itty Bitty Accessories

Nothing beats straight hairstyles for short hair that are topped off with a cute accessory. We love wearing headbands on short hair because they’re a two-second look upgrade! It doesn’t get much better than that. Just start stocking up on those cute headbands so you’ll have something to match for any outfit or occasion.

cool straight Hairstyles for Short Hair with bangs
Love the look of long bangs on short hair!

6. Long Bangs

Have stick straight her and have no idea what do with it? Why not add some bangs to infuse dimension and depth to your face? We love how casual yet chic this hairstyle looks. Be sure to have some serum or an oil, like TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Oil Elixir, to help tame any flyaways or frizz.

how to style straight hairstyles for short hair the statement braid
We can’t get enough of this clip.

7. Statement Braid

We couldn’t not include braids when talking about straight hairstyles for short hair. We love doing mini braids, but statement braids are even better. First, check out our guide to braiding short hair. Then create a large braid, ending your plait with a big, attention-grabbing clip. The sparklier the better! Finish by setting your style with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

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