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7 Short Hairstyle Ideas to Try in Your 20’s


It’s time to make the cut!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: Your 20s are the years to have fun, try new things and a time when you should start honing in on your signature look. If lately you’ve been in the mood to try something different, like say get a haircut, we’ve got your back. They say the girl that cuts her hair is about to change her life. So let us help you change your life and your look with these inspirational short hairstyle ideas you should consider trying in your 20s.

Inspirational Short Hairstyle Ideas for 20-Somethings


young Asian woman with feathered bob haircut
Looking for a cut that doesn’t feel too serious? Opt for fun flirty feathery layers. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #1: Feathered Layers

Draw inspiration from the feathered looks of the ’70s and put a modern spin on it. Short haircuts with feathered layers gives your hair lots of movement. This look is ideal for 20-somethings with thinner hair types that are after a haircut that gives the illusion of fuller hair.

young woman wearing half-up hairstyle on short hair
If versatility is a priority when it comes to styling, decide on a haircut that can be styled multiple ways. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #2: Versatile Haircuts

It’s no secret that 20 year olds have a hard time making up their mind, or they just get bored very easily. If this sounds like you, settle on a haircut that allows you to be flexible with your styling options. Who says you have to stick with just one look?

young woman wearing long lob haircut
Tired of being mistaken for 16? Consider short hairstyle ideas that have a mature look. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #3: Free-Flowing Side Lob

You know that point in your twenties when you’re looking for a cut that makes you look like your age? We’ve been there. If you’re looking for a mature haircut, opt for this free-flowing side lob haircut.

young asian woman wearing vintage haircut
Make a bold statement with short hairstyle ideas from your favorite fashion era. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #4: Rounded Pixie Haircut

If you’re a gal in her twenties that believes she was a famous Hollywood celebrity from the ’50s during her past life, this rounded pixie haircut may be worth a try. The pixie haircut continues to be a popular haircut till this very day, but we’re all about giving the look your own personal touch.

young woman during fashion week wearing wavy bob haircut
If you’re the gal in the pack that is always fashion-forward, opt for a popular street-style haircut trend. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #5: The Fashion Girl Bob

If you frequent fashion blogs and Instagram images of the street style set for your fashion and beauty inspiration, why not consider a short hairstyle idea that continues to reign supreme amongst your favorite street style stars like this one. Try your hand at this fashion-forward bob haircut. Ed’s note: Try this trend out on lived-in or second-day hair to create a more stylish iteration of the cut.

young woman with short afro on natural hair
Sometimes you just gotta’ go with the ‘fro. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #6: Teeny-Weeny ‘Fro

No matter your curl type, if going back to your natural hair texture is a decision you plan to make in your 20s by all means, go for it. Say goodbye to your hair straightening days and rock a curly baby ‘fro with confidence!

young woman wearing relaxed bob haircut
Settle on a fuss and stress-free relaxed short haircut that’s easy to style. Photo credit:

Short Hairstyle Idea #7: Laid-Back Bob

If a casual bob haircut is more your style, go for this relaxed look. The beauty of this iteration of the bob haircut is that you can wear it tousled, curly, wavy or straight.

Which of these short hairstyle ideas will you settle on? Share your look with us on Twitter or Instagram! If you’re looking for even more short haircut inspiration check out these hot straight hairstyles for shorter hair lengths.

Alyssa François
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27 January 2017