11 Chin Length Hairstyles and Haircuts You’ve Got to Try in 2019

Stylish options for your short hair.

Ready to chop your hair but not sure what length you want to try? A great in-between short/long cut that we just love are chin length hairstyles. Not only will you retain some length, they allow you to showcase a stylish look while also amping up your volume. This can be pretty awesome, especially if you have thin hair or hair that you typically just place back into a messy bun or ponytail and hope for the best. Bonus: these modern chin length layered haircuts that we found will give you a modelesque hairstyle without having to all that much. Ready for an awesome new you? Read on to check out some of our top chin length hair ideas that we know you’ll love.

chin length hairstyles wavy lob
The always popular wavy lob. Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

1. Wavy Layered Lob

Chin length layered haircuts are a great way to rock the ever-popular lob while adding in some natural volume via layers. This keeps bulky hair off your ends, allowing your hair to feel more weightless and full! Then, you can have fun with your look by styling your wavy lob with beachy tendrils. Simply spritz some of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Sprayand scrunch, using your fingers, for beachy-looking hair.

curled under chin length hairstyles
Choose this style is home blowouts are your BFF. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Curled Under Bob

You don’t need to wing it out to get all of that volume from chin length haircuts. You can go for the smooth, curled under look, too! We love how this cut can be edgy and wavy (with high contrast blunt bangs) or totally opposite straight hair. To get mega levels of shine and smoothness, start with clean, hydrated hair by washing and conditioning with Dove Radiant Shine Shampoo, followed by the Dove Radiant Shine Conditioner. Then, dry your hair straight using a round brush as you curl your ends underneath.

curled chin length hairstyles
Chill out that curly hair poof.

3. Perfectly Layered for Curls

Adding layers into curly hair is one of the best ways to keep from getting that triangular hair look. This is an awesome cut to try if you have natural curls where you can create face-framing and defined layers that will naturally add more volume to your hair.

chin length hairstyles to wear, asymmetrical bob
Look just how much volume you can add.

4. Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

You don’t need to go for the classic chin length bob to get the look, we like it on asymmetrical bobs, too. When going for the asymmetrical hair look, try styling it straight. When you have layers it can make straightening your hair a little easier. You don’t need to deal with so many bulky ends all in one spot. In this instance the layers help you to get a cleaner line for your straight asymmetrical cut.

chin length hairstyles faux bob
We have all the heart eye emojis for this curly look.

5. Short Layered Bob

Shorter layers are best for those with thinner hair. Short layers mean that you’re retaining all the benefits of layers, but you aren’t losing quite as much hair. We love the look of loose curls on short hair but they can be a bit difficult to achieve. So, instead get this look by wearing day old curls! The curls will loosen up overnight and you’ll get that cute style. Just refresh your roots and add volume with the Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo.

90s chin length hairstyles
Add a butterfly clip and you’re set. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

6. ’90s Layered Bob

We couldn’t not include our favorite ’90s #throwback look. The ’90s layered bob is so perfect today! Sure, if you style it sleek, you’ll get the over the top childhood vibes, but it’s totally worth it. We like this cut because you can wear it sleek, but it’s also a perfect cut for styling curled short hair. Switch up your cut, and you can recreate a former favorite.

chin length hairstyles natural texture
Having a cool hairstyle is all about finding a routine that fits into your laid back vibe.

7. Natural Texture

Gone are the days when you have to spend a good portion of your morning fighting against your natural texture with your hot tool of choice. With chin-length hair, we think you should embrace your natural texture and streamline your routine so that you can invest your time and effort elsewhere. To get a cool/texurized look, comb a dollop of the Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse throughout your damp strands, wrapping them into mini buns (don’t stress on the size or composition of your buns). Then you’ll let sleep and the wonder of time do its thing as you sleep in your mini buns, allowing your hair to dry as the mousse works to amp up your natural texture. The next day, finger-scrunch your textured hair, add more mousse (if needed) and rock this low-key, piece-y look.

perm chin length hairstyles
Have a round face shape? Try a layered tousled cut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Perm Chin Length Cut

For those with round faces looking to try chin length hair, this light and feathery look has a tousled finish, and is definitely one to keep on your style radar. Plus, by pairing this look with a deep side-part you’ll also counteract the circular look of your face shape, drawing attention to all the right angles. Once you’ve got your gorgeous short haircut, simply scrunch sea salt spray into your hair and leave it to air-dry. The result? Effortless-looking strands with a cool It-Girl edge.

chin length hairstyles with a blunt bob
Flatter your long face shape like dream with a sleek short cut. Photo credit: Dvora

9. Blunt Bangs

When it comes to hairstyles for chin length hair for long face shapes, you can’t go far wrong by opting for a rounded, sleek cut with a fringe – like this failsafe French-girl approved bob and bangs combo! The aim of this cut is to balance out your features and create width, rather than elongating your look further. To keep your mane sleek, shiny and frizz-free, apply some serum throughout your strands.

side parted chin length hairstyles
Take an oval face to new heights with a side-parted cut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Side Parted

If you have an oval face shape, we envy you, as you can not only pull off a chin length hair cut, but just about any other hairstyle! However, if you fancy injecting a fashionable edge to your symmetrical face shape, rock a side-part with side fringe. This look boasts an equal dose of fashion-forward polish and casual It-Girl vibes, that work to flatter an oval face shape like a dream.

chin length hairstyles bob
When it comes to chin length looks for heart shaped faces, you can’t go wrong with a side fringe.

11. Middle Parted

When it comes to chin length hair cuts for heart faces, your aim should be to draw attention away from your narrow chin and also disguise your wider forehead. The best way to do this, is to opt for an asymmetrical chin length cut with a long side fringe. This flirty, fresh and directional hairstyle flatters heart faces like no other and is bound to turn some heads.

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