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Power Moves Hairstyle: This Look is a Game Changer

Make a power move with this hairstyle and unleash your girl boss

Ever feel stuck in your daily routine? It’s easy to lose some inspiration and confidence when you stick to the same schedule and style for a long period of time. Don’t get down on yourself, switch it up in simple ways to boost your confidence and unleash your spontaneous side! Getting a bold haircut is so easy and a game changer. This power moves hairstyle will make you look and feel as energetic and influential as you are. We love how a bold cut can instantly make you look put together and feel unstoppable. If you need a style boost ASAP then we’ve got you, a blunt bob cut is our recommendation; you won’t regret it! See why:

Our Current Favorite Power Moves Hairstyle

power moves hairstyle easy to maintain
This short style is edgy and easy to maintain.

It’s no secret that bobs have been on trend for awhile now, but we know that they can be a little intimidating since there are many different ways to achieve this short style. The blunt bob screams power moves hairstyle because it is immediately eye-catching and will draw attention to your face. This look is perfect for someone who wants to grab the attention of the room during a work meeting or a night out.

A blunt bob is easy to maintain and style. It does require more visits to the hairdresser to make sure the cut is sharp and even, but it looks great pin-straight or with loose curls. If you decided to go for this style, it’s best to stay with a simple hair color so it doesn’t take away from the cut. Make it a bold black or blonde, or choose a soft ombre, but stay away from intense color shifts and highlights.

power moves hairstyle blonde
We love this blunt cut with a slight change in length as a cute twist.

If you want a little more length in your bob, consider keeping it blunt but with slightly longer front to frame your face. This style is still a power moves hairstyle and will definitely boost your confidence.

Products to maintain your “power moves” hairstyle

While this style is easy to maintain, it’s important to keep up with a haircare routine as it’ll be easier to see any flaws in a style this short and edgy.

The first step to keeping this style healthy is in the shower with shampoo and conditioner. We love Dove Fortifying Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner for any style that requires hydration and aid in preventing flyaways and split ends. This combo is made with a blend of avocado and calendula extracts, which will strengthen your strands from root to tip.

Outside of the shower, it’s important to use a product that will keep your bob flyaway free and give it a high-shine finish. Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream is the perfect product to achieve a smooth, damage-free finish. Apply a pump or two throughout your strands after you’re done styling.



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