15 Long Hair with Short Layers Looks to Achieve Built-In Volume

Instant volume is now right at your fingertips. 

Anyone who has ever had long hair knows that the longer your strands are, the more easily they’re weighed down. While those coveted, long mermaid-like strands are definitely something to work towards, it’s important to know how to counteract that weight and maintain volume at your roots. While there are hair products that will help you in this endeavor, opting for long hair with short layers is one of the easiest ways to ensure built-in volume.

If you’re wanting more volume, consider asking your stylist for long hair with short layers. This will allow you to maintain the length of your strands without worrying about them getting weighed down. Keep scrolling to check out 15 ways to wear this style:

1. High Shine Short Layers on Long Hair

long hair with short layers shiny highlights messy curls
Draw even more attention to your new volume.

Give your strands a fresh coat of high shine by prepping them with Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray before you create your curls. This spray will protect your strands from heat damage while also giving you some gloss to work with.

2. Natural Curls

long hair with short layers red brown curls
Breathe new life into your natural curls.

Breathe new life in your natural curls by cutting short layers into your long haircut. The shorter layers will bounce up and frame your face in the perfect way. For even extra volume and hold, run TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse through your strands while they’re still damp.

3. Long Shag

girl with long shag haircut and dark hair
A shag haircut brings a distinct difference between layers.

A shag haircut is one of the easiest ways to achieve voluminous roots. This cut includes short choppy layers, usually starting around your chin. With shag cuts, you’ll also notice a big difference between the short layers and the longer length of hair.

4. Long and Light

long hair with short layers long light brown curls
Long hair with short layers: Lighten up your length.

Lighten up your hair with a soft wash of beautiful light brown hair color. To achieve that extra volume, ask your stylist for layers starting around your collarbone. This will help give you that extra boost of volume without drastically impacting your length.

5. A Touch of Red

long hair with short layers light red curls
Consider this subtle shade of red hair color.

Or brighten up your curls with an understated shade of red color. This combination of vibrant and a layered haircut offers you a truly unique finished look. Pair the style with an off-center part and loose curls for a truly chic look.

6. Straight Volume

girl with long straight layered hair
Blend your layers with straight strands. Photo Credit: Dvora

After you wash and condition your hair, flip your strands over and blow dry them with your head upside down. By drying the roots of your hair away from your head you’ll create visible lift in even the straightest hair.

7. Mega Volume

long hair with short layers light brown volume curls
Long hair with short layers: The most voluminous curls you’ll ever wear.

Use a 2-inch curling iron to create these beautiful oversized curls. Once your hair has cooled, used a teasing comb or hair brush to add volume from the roots to the ends of the style. This will help you achieve this mega-voluminous look.

8. High Contrast

long hair with short layers light blonde black hat
Show off your blonde highlights with a high contrast accessory.

One of the best ways to show off your bright blonde hair color is by wearing a contrasting-colored accessory. Top your look off with a black hat to strike a high contrast look that will show off your color.

9. Dark Brown

a side view of beautiful woman on grey background
Try a bold and beautiful deep shade of brown hair color.

Make sure to ask your stylist to include short, face-framing layers into your style to highlight your very best features. This dark brown wash of color is the finishing touch on what’s already an edgy and chic look.

10. Flipped Over

long hair with short layers caramel brown
Long hair with short layers: Flip your hair over to the opposite side for even more volume.

Add even more volume to your look by flipping your strands over. Set your look with Nexxus Weightless Style Ultra Light Hair Spray to keep the volume and curls in place.

11. Layered Curly Hair

girl with curly layered hair
Layered hair is a game-changer for curly hair.

Adding layers to curly hair is seriously life-changing. Not only do layers help add volume, but they also help add shape and avoid your cut from becoming bottom-heavy (aka, that dreaded triangle shape).

To keep your curls looking healthy and hydrated, use Nexxus Curl Define Shampoo and Conditioner. We love this set because it’s enriched with silk protein and marula oil to help hydrate and prevent breakage.

12. Face-Framing Layers

girl with red hair and face-framing layers
Classic face-framing layers are always a foolproof option.

Face-framing layers like this gained so much popularity in the ’90s, but this style never truly went away. Let’s face it, layers like this are classic. We love this particular style because it’s such an easy way to achieve volume at the root while still keeping your long length.

13. Layered Hair with Micro Bangs

layered hair with micro bangs
Add micro bangs to your look.

Adding micro bangs and short layers to your look will add a bit of quirkiness to your style. A look like this is great for those with thick hair because it will help add movement while thinning out your hair.

14. Modern Face-Framing Layers

girl with modern face-framing layers and highlights
Try a modern variation of face-framing layers.

If you want to go for a very on-trend look then you need to try this modern variation of face-framing layers. Ask your stylist for the front sections of hair to be cut around your jaw bone, and then continue the layers throughout your hair moving down towards your collarbone and longer.

Not only will you have trendy face-framing layers, but the rest of your hair will be layered throughout, giving it loads of body and volume.

15. Wavy Layers

wavy textured layers
Photo Credit: Valerie Elash

Just like curly hair, wavy hair thrives with layers. Incorporating shorter layers into your cut will help avoid your strands from getting weighed down. Plus, you’ll achieve more volume and movement within your cut.

Whether you opt for a shag haircut or face-framing layers, there are many ways you can use wear long hair with short layers to help add volume and body to your strands.

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