23 Long-Hair Updos Perfect for Any Occasion

Time to break out of that style rut.

Every girl with long hair knows how much of a struggle long-hair updos can be. Our long locks can act like a beast of their own, and our choices of updos can also get limited once that all-too-familiar bout of style inertia hits.

Long hair updos may seem like an impossible feat, but when there’s a will there’s certainly a way to tame your long locks into a sexy style. So don’t just go for your usual basic down style; try out one of these easy and fun long-hair updos that go with just about any occasion.

23 Long-Hair Updos You’ll Fall In Love With

Whether you’re headed to the mall or going to a gala, you’re guaranteed to fall head-over-heels with one of these hot looks:

1. Curtain Bangs

long hair updos curtain bangs
Curtain bangs give your long-hair updo an added touch of detail.

These subtle bangs open a window of beauty to your look! Create small loose curls to give your updos a styled, feminine look. To keep your curls controlled and intact all day long, spritz them with TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hair Spray.

2. Wet Ponytail

long hair updos wet ponytail
This sleek look is going to be one of the biggest trends of the year. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

The wet look has been a major trend within the past months, and it’s one of the hottest styles on the runway. Not only is it extremely easy to style, but it’s also a fun and sexy play on the average basic ponytail we’ve all known and loved. Style the look with strong hair gel like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel.

3. Low Ponytail

long hair updos low ponytail
A low ponytail is an effortless look for lazy days. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A low ponytail is always one of our go-to long-hair updos. It’s extremely simple and easy to style, and it’s also very versatile. You can create a middle part, or just keep it sleek and pulled back.

4. Curly Low Bun

long hair updos curly low bun
Curly hair gives this low bun a voluminous look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Long curly hair is sometimes a lot harder to style because of its gorgeous volume. But a  low bun is one of the great simple updos for long hair to tie all of that lush fullness together. To give your curls extra volume for a larger, fuller bun, apply SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk onto your hair before styling.

5. Classic Half-Up

long hair updos classic half up
A classic half-up style is simple and elegant. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A classic half-up style is one of the best elegant updos for long hair. It’s such an easy long-hair updo: just pin your front sections back, and voilà! You can even play around with a small ponytail, braid, or bun to give your look an upgrade.

6. Textured Bun

long hair updos textured bun
Keep your hair in its natural texture.

If you want to give your bun an added boost of style without going through a major effort, simply amplify your natural texture. This gives it a chic, runway-ready look while still staying simple and natural.

7. Box Braid Bun

long hair updos box braid bun
A box braid bun with a few sections used as side bangs looks fun and chic. Photo credit: Dvora

If you have long box braids, a simple bun can do wonders for your look. Box braids give your bun added detail and volume, and it’s one of the simplest updos to try out and get creative with.

8. Braided Updo

long hair updos braided updo
We always recommend adding a braid.

If you’re looking for fun but elegant updos for long hair, this braided style has you covered. Leaving pieces of strands out gives this braided updo a romantic style. Leave flyways present in this style. This helps to create a more effortless and relaxed look.

9. Double Top Knot

long hair updo
How can you say no to a double top knot? Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Whether you have box braids, curly hair, or straight hair, a double top knot bun, similar to half-up space buns, is a style that’s guaranteed to look amazing on you. It’s great and simple for those days when you want maximum style with minimum effort.

10. Messy Bun

long hair updos messy bun
One of our favorite long-hair updos is this simple messy bun!

When it comes to super simple updos for long hair, we’re obsessing over the messy bun. It’s a simple hairdo that can take your look a long way. To give your bun extra volume and style, tease your locks with TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Non Aerosol Hair Spray.

11. Small Bun

long hair updos small bun
This small bun is great for girls with thinner hair.

Looking for a quick yet put-together look? A teeny tiny bun can make a big impact on your style. This small bun is great for girls with thin hair and little volume. Adding curtain bangs gives this look an added boost of style.

12. Back Braid

long hair updos back braid
Business in the front, party in the back.

If you want to give your updo some more style and detail, try adding a braid on the underside. You can create this Dutch braid in just a few minutes, and it makes your long-hair updo totally Instagram-worthy.

13. Space Buns

long hair updos space buns
Get an intergalactic look with these space buns. Photo credit: Dvora

A look that never goes out of style is space buns! These mini buns are made for all of the ladies looking for a creative ‘do. Space buns are great for a big night out, or even for Sunday brunch with your gal pals.

14. Low Braided Bun

long hair updos low bun
Use your thick locks to create a low bun that’s filled with body and style.

Looking to spice up long and thick box braids? Thick, long locks give this low-hanging bun jaw-dropping volume. This simple style looks absolutely stunning and ready for the catwalk. This style can be worn beyond box braids as well!

15. High Ponytail

long hair updos high ponytail
Try out this classic high ponytail style. Photo credit: Dvora.

A high ponytail is another classic long-hair updo we’re obsessed with. This timeless iconic look is so versatile and can be dressed up with a scrunchie or fun hair tie. Smooth back any unruly strands that are flying out of your ponytail by lightly gelling them down with TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel. 

16. Faux Side Bangs

long hair updo faux side bangs
Spice things up with some faux side bangs.

If you’re looking to switch up your whole style, then try out some faux side bangs. They’re perfect for sprucing up any updo, and they give you a sultry and sophisticated look. Amp it up even more with a stunning high pony, or a half up, half down.

17. Halo Braid

long hair updos halo braid
These halo braids are the elegant sister to the French braid.

Halo braids are extremely elegant, and they’re great for any major event you’re attending. They’re also very simple to recreate: Just put your hair in a braid, wrap it around the crown of your head then pin it down.

18. Curled Ponytail

long hair updos curled pony
Give your ponytail a loose curl. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

This curled and styled hair updo gives you a camera-ready look. Everyone will eye you in awe with this glamorous long hair updo. Leave a few strands of your hair out in front of your face to help frame it, and create more of a relaxed look.

19. Braided Half-Up

long hair updos braided half-up
Take your half-up style to new levels with this braided style.

Give your half-up style a major makeover by adding some braids to it. Whether you want a few small braids or a big, bold braid, your half-up style will look striking. Simply create two braids in opposite directions of your hair. Then, bobby pin it down for a striking look.

20. Braided Ponytail

long hair updos braided ponytail
This braided ponytail is so unique and fun, it’s definitely one of our favorite long-hair updos!

Looking for elegant updos for long hair? This braided ponytail is so chic and gives your basic ponytail such beautiful detail. We’re definitely wearing this style out to our next major event (or just to the mall). Wherever you wear this style, it is bound to be the best look of the night.

21. Sleek High Ponytail

long air updos sleek high ponytail
The sleeker, the sexier. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Go for the sleek and sexy high pony. This style is great for creating a faux facelift and achieving that model smize. What’s not to love? The beauty of this style is that it can be accomplished on a large variety of hair textures.

22. Pinned Half-Up

long hair updos pinned half updo
The elegant style you need to try.

This half-up style gives you a regal, beauty queen look. to give your hair some extra volume, try adding Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus to your locks before styling. This style is so intricate yet so simple!

23. Vintage Updo

long hair updos vintage updos
Take a trip back in time with this glamorous retro updo.

This vintage blast from the past is one of the most timeless long-hair updos. Just about every It Girl has worn this style once before, so don’t miss out on it! A stylish headband is the key to creating a chic look.

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