How to Style Layered Hair: 8 Hairstyles to Try

Different ways to wear your multi-dimensional cut.

You know that feeling when you get a fresh haircut and love how your salon professionally styles it, only to go home and have no idea how to recreate the same look? It’s one of those things that always seems to happen. So, if you just got a layered cut, you’re probably wondering how to style layered hair! Well, you’ve come to the right place, especially since there are so many different ways to style a cut like this. Read on to discover ways to confidently wear your new haircut as you learn how to style layered hair.

1. Naturally Curly

how to style layered hair permed hair
Subtle layering on the ends eases up the weight of curly hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Trying to figure out how to style your layered hair with curls? Well, if you’ve got naturally curly hair, styling your layers is all about defining your bouncy ringlets. If you love the curly look but don’t have the natural texture, you can achieve temporary curls via a curling wand or get a perm to fake the bounce. When styling, infuse your curly, layered hair with moisture by using Bed Head by TIGI On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream. It’ll work to transform your curls into soft and workable ringlets.

2. Messy, Shaggy Layers

how to style layered hair choppy lob
Rock the messy shag on medium-length hair with layers. Photo credit:

Getting layers on straight hair is a great way to recreate that model off duty look. Adding layers can give your mane more movement as the layers allow for any natural waves to show up. We suggest giving your hair an extra day or two between washing to get that naturally piecey look. If you find that your layered hair is oily, give it a good refresh by using Dove Style+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo.

3. Smooth and Sleek

how to style layered hair smooth and sleek
Layered hair is just meant to be styled smooth and seek.

If you have thick hair, adding in some layers is a great way to lose some of the bulk. Be careful, sometimes the layers can curl themselves upwards, which isn’t usually the intended style. To keep things super smooth, bend your hair under by using a flat iron. All you need to do is straighten as usual and an inch or so before the end, turn your flat iron under to give a soft bend.

4. Curled to Perfection

how to style layered hair curled
Big curls show off your layers.

Curling your hair is a good way to incorporate defined bangs into your layered hair. To get these big yet defined curls we love using a one-inch curling wand. This will give you the precision to get defined curls, but it isn’t so small that you get tight ringlets. Just curl your hair, wait for it to cool all the way down, then separate your curls with your fingers.

5. Voluminous Roots

how to style layered hair volume for thin hair
Create volume using your layers.

Don’t let all the movement on the ends of your hair leave you with sad roots! To make sure your style is evenly proportioned make sure your roots are nice and voluminous. This is especially important with layered, thin hair. All you need to do is backcomb small sections of your roots to add lift. Check out these teased up styles for adding volume to thin hair.

6. Choppy Modern Waves

how to style layered hair choppy lob
The choppy lob.

Wearing layers in your straight hair can look a little ’90s. We know that ’90s style is back in fashion but if you are looking to keep your layered hair more modern, ask for a choppier cut and style with waves. Amp up your waves by using some of the Bed Head By TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray. And if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you can easily create waves with a flat iron.

7. Spiral Curl Layers

Spiral Curl Layers Hairstyle
Create the right body and bounce with layers!

Do you have natural spiral curls in your hair? If so, and you want to try out a layered haircut, ask your hairdresser for layers starting about halfway down your hair shaft. Layers are actually great for this hair type because they help you avoid that triangular shape curly and wavy hair can get if it’s too bottom heavy.

8. Wavy Layers

wavy layers
Blending side-swept bangs into a layered look is very flattering for wavy hair!

Using layers in wavy hair is a great way to help it maintain its volume. Incorporating side-swept bangs into the layers is also very flattering on this hair type!