4th of July Starter Kit: Hair Essentials for Your Holiday Fun

Hair essentials to get you through all of your holiday fun!

Many of us love to take full advantage of the extended holiday weekends—and we all should! Do we really need any more reason to go to the beach, head to a BBQ, catch the fireworks or visit our favorite theme park? We think not! But while you’re out having fun, your hair is the last thing you want to worry about. So, let us help you keep all of your 4th of July activities worry-free with a list of hair products you’ll need no matter how you choose to celebrate! This holiday weekend, while you’re out having fun celebrating Independence Day, be sure to also pledge allegiance to the upkeep of your hair. Read on to see some of the hair essentials you should be adding to your beauty bag this holiday weekend.

Hair Essentials for Summer Holiday Fun

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1. Hair Essentials for a Beach Day

This is the perfect time to skip your weekly hair appointment and allow Mother Nature to give you a complementary hairstyle. If you’re heading down the beach for the holiday weekend, opt for some beachy waves. Get natural-looking waves with the help of salt water from the ocean. If tend to be one of those gals that’s afraid to get into the water, you too can get in on the beach wave. Pack a salt spray into your beach bag and get some effortless looking waves while you get your tan on. Spritz your hair with a little water to make it damp then apply sea salt spray fom root-to-tip, then twist your hair. While your hair dries, apply some of the Suave Professionals Morrocan Infusion Styling Oil onto the surface of your hair to tame and help prevent unwanted frizz. Release your twists once dry and show off your sexy beach waves.

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Dry shampoo works wonders in refreshing a mane midday.

2. Hair Essentials for a BBQ Celebration

We all love a fun BBQ just like everyone else. That charcoal-y smell left on our hair? Not so much. There’s an easy way to fix this: Spray on some dry shampoo at your roots for an easy hair refresh. Try out Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo, whose formula works to remove excess oil, leaving your hair cleansed and purified.

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3. Hair Essentials for a Road Trip

The extended holiday weekends are great opportunity for taking advantage of road trips. Whether you’re road-tripping to The Hamptons or elsewhere be sure to include some beauty essentials that will give your hair the S.O.S. it may need. Many love to use this time to decompress, read a good book and pamper their hair. Pack a hair mask to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment that it deserves. Try out Suave Professionals Coconut Infusion Intense Moisture Mask to give your hair a dose of intense moisture this weekend.

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4. Hair Essentials for Theme Parks and Fireworks

There’s nothing like embracing your inner child and celebrating the 4th of July at your favorite amusement park for a day of death-defying rides, then heading over to the boardwalk to watch the fireworks. However, if it’s a sweaty, hot and humid day, this can contribute to making your hair really frizzy. Ahead of your day at the amusement park wash your hair with a hair care system that helps to reduce frizz to help lock out humidity, UV rays, static and wind. After styling your hair, spray TRESemmé Climate Protection Finishing Spray on your hair, which will help keep your hair healthy-looking. After all, you’ll need freedom to have fun and not worry about messing up your hairstyle.

5. Hair Essentials for Staying at Home

Ladies, this year everyone has been preaching about the benefits of self-care. If you decide to just stay home and relax for the 4th, that sounds like a plan. Why not take this time to deep condition or try a hair mask? If the summer heat has been drying out your locks, use the Nexxus Humectress Moisture Restoring Masque to replenish your hair with the moisture it needs. Go ahead, sit back, deep condition and have a cocktail or two. You deserve it!

Happy 4th of July, lovelies! 

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