How to Style Box Braids in 5 Ways

There are tons of cool ways style your box braids. Check out a few of our favorites!

Looking to learn more about how to style box braids? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re wearing box braids as a protective style or as a trend, box braids can be worn in a number of stylish and easy ways. Lots of people get this braided hairstyle to give their own hair a break and take a little vacation from daily styling. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few styling tricks up your sleeve in the event you want to change up your look. From quirky to casual, read on to check out how to style box braids in a myriad of gorgeous ways:

How to Style Box Braids

how to style box braids: space buns
Style your box braids into a cool space bun style.

1. How to Style Box Braids into Space Buns

You might be wondering ‘how to style my box braids’ if you’re into a casual, laid-back style. Why not opt for fun, quirky space buns that can be interchanged into a half-up style? Separate your hair into two small sections and secure each side with a hair tie.

how to style box braids: top knot
Try the half-bun hair trend on your braids.

2. How to Style Box Braids as a Middle Top Knot

There are so many cool ways to style box braids these days! And one of our favorite styles has been all of the modern iterations of the half-up hair trend that you equally wear on your box braids. To achieve this look, section off the middle of your hair and tie it into a loose bun. Try not to make it too tight to avoid tension and breakage around your hairline.

how to style box braids: chunky braid
Styling box braids into a single chunky braid is an easy way to switch up your look. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

3. How to Style Box Braids into a Chunky Side Braid

This look ties two trends into one! Update your look with a single chunky French braid. To switch things up, opt for a fishtail braid, or create two to double the fun.

how to style box braids: chignon
For formal occasions or even casual ones, a chignon is always a great idea.

4. How to Style Box Braids into a Twisted Chignon

Chignons are such a classy and fashionable way to style your hair for a formal occasion, but you can also try this style on a regular day. To learn style box braids into this on-trend look, take a look at our half-bun on box braided hair tutorial.

how to style box braids: high ponytail
A high side pony on box braids is so on-trend.

5. How to Style Box Braids as a High Side Ponytail

Extra-long ponytails are a big trend. Join in on the look with your long braids. Gather your hair up to the side or center of your hair and secure with a hair elastic. If you want to give the look a more polished finish, opt for tying one of your braids around the base of your ponytail to hide your hair tie.

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