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Fun Ways to Style Long Dark Red Hair

Embrace your bright tresses!

The beauty of having long dark red hair means that the options are pretty much endless when it comes to styling it. Whether you want to wear it down, up, braided or in a twist; your head full of red tresses makes for the most perfect rendition of any hairstyle due to the way the light will play off your hue. So keep reading to get inspired with our round-up of the best hairstyles to not only play up your dark red hair, but enhance your style, too!

Rock Your Long Dark Red Hair with These Fun Styles

Dark Red Hair chignon

1. Formal Chignon Updo

If you’re looking to let your red hair make a statement of its own, look no further than this super classic look. Whether you want to keep it smooth or add a little bit of texture with some loosely tucked waves, this look will give your red hair a gorgeous vintage vibe. To make sure that everything stays in its proper place be sure to pick up a can of flexible hold hairspray like the Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, it will keep your look locked in without making it appear to rigid.

Dark Red Hair headband

2. Headband

There’s nothing like a headband to liven up any hairstyle. As one of the easiest hair accessories out there, they take your hair off your face as you showcase a chic new accessory or color trend.

dark red hair crown braid

3. Crown Braid

Some days it’s all about getting your red hair out of your face, while still looking elegant. Enter the crown braid updo, our to-go look for formal occasions, work and everything-in between. This go-to hairstyle can be mussed up a bit by having some loose tendrils fall in front of your face.

Dark Red Hair boho braid

4. Boho Braid

It’s no secret that boho hairstyles are having a serious moment. Characterized by their wavy wisps, perfectly undone braids and flowing curls, boho hair is totally deserving of our undivided attention. To incorporate the totally laid back and undeniably gorgeous look into your hair routine, simply curl your long red hair with a curling wand and follow it up with a loose braid. If you want to really change it up, switch back and forth between a traditional and fishtail braid for an otherworldly look that will make you look that much more like a little ginger garden fairy. Instead of securing your look with a hair tie, add a few spritzes of texture spray, we recommend the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray, to your hair to keep everything in place while still being pleasantly undone.

Dark Red Hair messy bun

5. Messy Bun

Every once in a while you just need to tie your hair up and handle whatever life has to offer. Having one of those days? Simply whip your locks up into a coiled messy bun for an effortless look.

best dark red hair color complements volumized curls
Penny-coppers look lush with majorly bendy waves. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Loose Waves

It’s pretty much a fact that redheads are mermaids, and hey, we’re not complaining. To keep things super simple in a time crunch, reach for your curling wand and embrace your siren locks. Once you’ve finished curling your hair, flip your head over and shake them out for an #IWokeUpLikeThis vibe.

Looking for more information on dark red hair? Check out our guide on long red hair and how to take care of it.


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