How to Cover Up Gray Hairs

We've got easy tips on coloring those aging locks.

Going gray can seem virtually unavoidable. Heck, in this hectic day and age, it might even feel like it happens overnight! No matter your age or natural hair color, it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll find a stray gray one day, and if you’re like most women,  you might be looking for options on covering it up. We’re not talking about Granny Hair either: Although we kind of think that natural gray hairs are actually nothing to be ashamed of (a badge of honor, even), we also understand wanting to hold off on this common sign of aging.

We’re here to provide you with everything you need to know about covering up those natural gray hairs. And since not all hair is created equal, we’ve broken it down by hair color to provide you with efficient ways to mask your grays too. Keep reading!

Easy, Hassle-Free Ways to Cover Up Gray Hairs

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One of the best things about having blonde hair is that is could take a long time to actually notice any grays. This light hue has an awesome way of covering up those premature grays—especially if you have highlights—because light colors blend easily and more seamlessly. But just because it might take a while to recognize the signs of stress and aging on your locks, a day will come when they might overwhelm that blonde hue and you’ll want to cover them up completely. The trick is to head to the salon and ask for highlights and lowlights in an array of cool, blonde hues, like those in the ash blonde family.


While dark hair is some of the most mysterious and alluring shades, it also hides gray hairs the least. While some stylists will recommend dying your tresses back to your natural hair color, we recommend incorporating dark lowlights which can create a more natural dimensional look (and require less upkeep) rather than constantly going into a salon to do your roots. This can be more manageable, especially if you can’t commit to coming in every six weeks for a touchup.


If you’re a natural redhead it’s pretty rare that you’ll actually go full-on gray. However, for all the dyed gingers of the world, you’ll find that red hair is one of the most difficult to handle when it comes to gray hairs. Although the beauty market is overflowing with red hues, sadly none of them will be able to perfectly mask grays. That said, if you find that about a fifth of your hair has grays peeking through, it might be time to change up your look and opt for an auburn-hued brown or strawberry blonde. That way you will be able to maintain some of the reddish hues without embracing a headful of gray hairs.

Not quite at the 20 percent mark yet? You can head over to the store and pick up a color-depositing shampoo, conditioner or gloss to add temporary color that washes out in a few days.

Wonder why our hair turns gray? Check out our article: Gray Hair: What Really Causes Your Hair to Change?

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