Get Colorful This Summer With These 7 Hair Color Ideas

Rad hair colors to try this summer.

Summer is right around the corner and there’s definitely something about the warmer weather that makes us get adventurous with our hair color. There are so many fun hair color ideas to try, like going lighter, dabbling in some funky pastels, or even experimenting with trendy shades like grays and blues! The key is to do your research, use the right products, and best yet, just have fun with it.

Read on to check out some of our favorite hair color ideas that we think you’ll love to try when the mercury rises:

1. Beach Blonde

platinum hair
Rock the platinum look this summer. Photo credit:

Going lighter is a classic summer look. Those coveted light tresses however don’t come without some work to achieve and maintain. Start by scouring magazines and blogs for your ideal shade and remember to be specific about the level you want when describing the shade to your hairdresser—platinum is very, very different from the golden blonde.

If you’re going blonde at home, be sure to thoroughly follow the directions of your bleach and toner kits and use a color-treated shampoo specific for blondes that will help maintain your hue and keep those processed strands feeling moisturized.

Try a gentle and effective system like Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Conditioner.

2. Go Red

long red hair
Red hair is sure to turn heads this summer. Photo credit:

Red is a really fun hair color idea for darker-haired women to experiment with that isn’t too different from their own. Just like going blonde, you’ll have to assess the level of redness you’re willing to aim for. In general, brunettes do better with copper or bold tones like deep reds.

Blondes have an easier transition by dabbling into the strawberry blonde or light auburn family. Maintain your shade by using a color-protective shampoo and conditioner that can work to revitalize strands and keep them healthy-looking.

3. Go Gray

Long gray hair
Add some gray to your locks for a gorgeous look this summer. Photo credit:

The gray, or “granny hair” trend is super hot right now, as seen on tons of urban hipsters that rock this ironic shade with ease. To actually achieve these tresses though requires a lot of work and research. This process starts by bleaching out your mane (much like when going blonde) only with the addition of a silver tone.

If you aren’t willing to go gray all over, try to highlight some slivers to create your own silver-fox look for the summer. A wash and care system for colored hair keeps fading in check.

4. Try Darker Hues

Long straight hair bangs
Add a bold color to your locks this summer. Photo credit:

Not your traditional go-to summer look, some gals might opt for darker brown or even jet black as a way to not deal with root or color maintenance. If you have light hair you will find that roots come in a little subtler, and trying a bold color may give you just the break you need as your natural color gradually shows through.

5. Ombré

curly hair textures brown ombre
Stunning brown ombre hair to try. Photo credit:

If you looking for some color but can’t commit to your whole head, ombré might be just the hair color idea to flirt with. With ombré hair, you are essentially adding lighter tones at the mid-lengths which then gradually get lightest at the tips. This can be a really fun color idea to try since the look brightens up your face while being trendy and low-maintenance at the same time.

6. Try Sand Art Hair a.k.a. Rainbow Hair

Blue multicolored bob
Go for a variety of colors this summer. Photo credit:

We’ve been admiring this trend making its way all over Instagram. Not just for those who love to experiment with their locks, sand-art hair is a way to channel your love of color via the use of fun, vibrant shades of the color of a sunset and wears them on your own mane. You’ll have to bleach your hair before you start, so be sure you’re committed to this head-turning look.

7. Go Pink or Blue or Purple

long hair pink
Think pink this summer. Photo credit:

If you don’t want to showcase a whole box of crayons on your head, opt for a single color. Like rainbow hair, you’ll have to bleach out any darker tones to help lighter tones latch onto your strands. A single-process shade is a great way to tap into your adventurous side without committing to a whole head of outrageous color. We’ve been loving the ode to Rose Quartz (soft baby pink) and Serenity (baby blue), and have been seeing them in a lot of popular street fashions. The great thing about trying a streak (or two, or five) is that you can easily dye it back to your natural hue.

Have fun and experiment with your hair color this summer. Switching up your look might just revive you as you test out different colors on your locks.

What hair color ideas are you excited to check out this summer?

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