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Hair Color Quiz: What Color Hair Looks Best On Me?

Your guide to finding your true hue.

Looking to try a new hair color but not sure which hue to go with? We’ve all been there. Deciding on what hair color to choose can be tricky. Whether you feel spoiled for choice (since there are so many to gorgeous colors to choose from), or are concerned with finding the best color for your skintone, narrowing down your options can feel like a tedious process. To help you decide, check out our hair quiz to help answer your what color hair looks best on me’ query.

Quiz: What Color Hair Looks Best On Me?

What Color Hair Looks Best On Me red hair
What Color Hair Looks Best On Me: Is a vibrant hue best for you? Photo credit:

1. Red Hair

Anything that falls in the red hair color spectrum this season is spot on. Whether you want a super spicy hue, a pumpkin spice-inspired shade or an auburn tone inspired by the colors of fall foliage, red hair is in. However, red hair comes with a price. It’s said to be one of the quickest-fading hair colors. Are you up for that challenge? If so, check out how to care for red hair.

brown hair ponytail What Color Hair Looks Best On Me
What Color Hair Looks Best On Me: A warm brown hue, perhaps?

2. Brown Hair

When you think about brown, don’t feel like your only option is a deep chocolate shade. You can run the gamut, from a light brown shade to a caramel tone or even a mahogany. What’s more, brown hair is extremely versatile. You can play around with some subtle highlights to lighten up the look.

blonde hair to try platinum
What Color Hair Looks Best On Me: Something fun and bold? Photo credit:

3. Blonde Hair

If you’re in the mood for a super light hair color for a change, blonde hair may be up your alley. These days, there are plenty of ways you can play with blonde hair. Go platinum or try the trendy rose gold blonde hue. Want to learn more about keeping up with blonde? Learn why you’ll be needing a purple shampoo and read up on how to get the best blonde shade.

afro-bun-black-hair What Color Hair Looks Best On Me
What Color Hair Looks Best On Me: A simple and classic black.

4. Black Hair

Probably one of the simplest hair colors you can try, black hair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Women with lighter skin tones tend to stay away from this dark hair color because it washes them out. One way to get around this is to try hair colors like dark brown instead of going full-on jet-black.

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