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Reddish Hair Dye: Color Maintenance and Hair Advice

Because being a ginger has never been more on trend.

As the seasons change, it only seems right to let your hair follow suit. And since we’re diving deep into one of the most beautiful seasons of all, why not let your hair take on the hue of the changing leaves? Yup, we’re talking about going for ginger hair–you know you want to give it a shot, especially since the pumpkin spice hair trend is alive and well this season. Since most gingers pretty much become synonymous with their reddish hair dye, it’s essential to make sure that your new characteristic stays in tip-top shape. We’ve got you covered with simple DIY tips to help rock the reddish hair dye without making frequent visits to the salon. Keep reading!

How to Make Sure Your Reddish Hair Dye Stays Gleaming

reddish hair dye: how to maintain it
Keep your hair shining bright all season long.

1. Red hair background.

The dye molecules in reddish hair dye are generally larger than any other color, which means they’re unable to penetrate as deeply as other dyes on the market. That said, red hair will require extra maintenance to fight the fade as well as maintain it’s luster and shine.

reddish hair dye tips
Daily habits can help to ensure that you hold onto your red hair a little longer.

2. What you can do to maintain your red hair.

It’s very important that you make your red hair maintenance an everyday staple. From the products you use use when washing, the water temperature and you’re drying and styling method, red hair requires a little extra TLC.

When you hop in the shower make sure that you keep the water on the lukewarm side and opt for shampoo and conditioner formulas that are labeled as sulfate-free, like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Rebalancing Shampoo and the Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Restoring Conditioner. Sulfate free formulas tend to be color safe due to their gentle qualities that are less likely to strip your hair of your beloved new hue.

Now, as wonderful as freshly washed hair looks and feels, when it comes to reddish hair dye it’s best to try to train your hair to be washed less frequently. Put simply, the less washing and styling stress you put on your locks, the longer the color will last. That said, on the days when you choose to rock second or third-day hair, simply choose a trusty dry shampoo, like the Dove Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo. It works to rid your hair of product-build up while absorbing the excess oils that’ll leave your hair looking totally refreshed.

3. When the reddish hair dye starts to fade.

Once your hair does begin to fade, the real trick is to let it work for you, not against you. Depending on the type of reddish hair dye you get, you might be lucky enough to fade into a nice pinkish rose gold, as opposed to a brassy washed out look.

And on a final note, since fading is inevitable, it’s sometimes recommended to go a few shades darker than you want it to really be. By doing so, come the four week mark your hair will be faded to your desired hue and you’ll be set for a few months since it’s doesn’t steadily fade for the entire duration of the look.

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