7 Looks That’ll Inspire You to Get Dyed Red Hair

So every day will be a red letter day. 

Dyed red hair is one of our favorite shades to try because it always stands out and looks gorgeous. Plus, red hair can include so many different shades and tones that can add something bold or very subtle to your hair. From a lighter pumpkin spice shade to an auburn to a dark red, there are tons of hair color options to consider when you’re ready to go red! Ready for a bold new look? Read on to check out seven different dyed red hair looks you can take right to your colorist.

Dyed Red Hair: 7 Different Colors and Styles to Try

dyed red hair strawberry blonde
A chic strawberry blonde is a chic transitional shade for blondes. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Strawberry Blonde Natural Waves

Strawberry blonde is so gorgeous that’s especially easy for blondes to try. One you achieve the right tone, you can style strawberry blonde hair with your natural texture, and maybe adding in a few waves with a curling wand.

dyed red hair auburn hair
A rich shade of auburn is a beautiful shade to try if you have brown hair.

2.Dark Auburn

Auburn hair is a gorgeous shade that looks stunning on those with brown hair. It also looks good on all skin tones that you can wear straight, wavy or curly.

dyed red hair ginger hair
A rich shade of ginger looks modern and stylish with dreads.

3. Ginger Dreadlocks

Who said you can’t have ginger dreads? This look is a commitment if you already have dreadlocked hair. You should look to a hair coloring professional to help you make the color change. Having hair dye, especially a finicky color like ginger, fully penetrate dreads takes a lot of skill! Appreciate your colorist’s effort while you relax and get your perfect ginger shade.

dyed red hair firecracker red
A bold firecracker red looks stunning!

4. Firecracker Red

If you want an alternative hair dye color but aren’t ready to try full blue hair, try this bold red instead! This color still reads as fashionable, but it isn’t totally out there. When you dye your hair a bold red shade you’ll learn quickly that it can wash out fast. To keep your color as perfect as possible, wash and condition with the Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Solutions Color Care Conditioner.

dyed red hair bright red
A bright shade of red really allows your face to shine.

5. Voluminous Bright Red

For a slightly toned down firecracker red, try this bright red. We love that this color is so dimensional! Just imagine watching a sunset with this sunset colored hair. For some volume and style, use some mousse, like the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse.

dyed red hair ombre
Burgundy to red ombre brightens up dark hair.

6. Red Ombre

Want red hair without having to deal with regular touch ups? Then a red ombre might be the perfect option for you! Choosing a red ombre that isn’t just lighter than your natural color will always make a statement. We love how this darker red ombre is moody but still bright.

dyed red hair ginger
These ginger tones (and cool waves) is a fun color to try for those who have lighter hair. Photo credit: indigitlaimages.com

7. Loosely Curled Light Ginger Hair

There is something so pretty about cascading curls of light ginger hair. This look is bright and feminine without being too girly. You can easily get loose curls by using your standard curling wand at a lower temperature.

Still looking for more dyed red hair inspiration? Check out these four ways to style red hair.

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