10 Ways to Style Your Red Hair Color

Four very different styles to show off your unique hair color. 

Whether you’re a natural redhead or you’ve recently dyed your strands, vibrant red hair color may be enough of a statement for you without adding any intricate braids or complicated updos into the mix. But if you’re like us and you like to experiment with your hair, you might be looking for new ways to wear your showstopping hue. From braids to waves, we’ve got four inspiring ways to rock your red hair to celebrate this most head-turning of days! Read on to get inspired:

10 Ways to Wear Your Red Hair Color

1. Mix and Match Style

red hair color double braids
Double up on braids for extra visual interest.

Pair a thin braid with a thick braid across the top of your head for a double braided look that ends in a simple twisted knot. Crisscrossing styles like this adds extra visual interest and showcases the boldness of your red hair. Lock in your style with hairspray, like Dove Style + Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray


2. Claw-Clip Updo

red hair color chignon
Channel your inner ’90s sitcom star.

Walk with us down memory lane for a second and think back to the ’90s when claw clips were everyone’s top must-have beauty item. Remember the twist and clip? Gather your hair into a loose ponytail, twist it around twice, and clip it into place letting the extra hair cascade over the top. Simple enough, right? This style is a great way to showcase your natural curls. Use two pumps of Dove Curls Defining Mousse on wet hair for extra voluminous curls.

3. Go Straight

Red hair color: straight hair
Go straight and sleek with your red hair.

Straight hair may be a forgotten favorite but it’s time to bring it back again! What better way to show off your color than by leaving all distractions behind? Before you straighten your hair, be sure to use TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray to help protect your locks from heat.

4. Beach Waves

red hair color waves
Year round vacation hair? Yes, please!

Master the beach wave and you will forever have a trendy backup style that takes minutes to create. A head-turning classic hairstyle, like this one, is the perfect way to show off your vibrant strands.

5. Natural Red

red hair color natural red
Embrace your natural red hair color.

Show off your natural red hue with confidence. Add some sparkly clips to draw even more attention to your natural red hair color.

6. Vibrant Red Hair Color

red hair color vibrant red
Go bold with a vibrant red hue.

Take your red hair color up a notch with this super vibrant shade of red.

7. Ruby Red

red hair color ruby red
We love this ruby red hue.

Add a sheen to your red strands by asking your colorist to give you a gloss! This will add more dimension to your strands and give you that ruby red element.

8. Burgundy Red Hair Color

red hair color burgundy
We love this trendy dark burgundy hue.

Go darker with your red hair color and try these deep burgundy braids.

9. Maroon

red hair color maroon
This maroon color flatters all skintones.

Looking for a shade of red hair that flatters all skintones? Consider this deep shade of maroon.

10. Striking Bright Red Hair Color

red hair color loose waves
There’s nothing like this striking bright red shade of red hair.

Take the brightness up a notch with this bright red shade of red hair color.

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