4 Sexy Red Hairstyles to Try This Year

Sultry looks to test this year. 

Whether you are a natural redhead or you get your scarlet tones from a box, we are all about this fiery hue. When you go for red, you’ll equally want to wear stunning red hairstyles, like waves to braids to blowouts that’ll showcase your style and hair color. To inspire you to try something new, we’ve complied a collection of four awesome red hairstyles that are bound to turn a few heads this year.

Red Hairstyles to Wear in 2017

red hairstyles mermaid princess hair
All that is missing is the tiara. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Mermaid Hair

Red hair plus mermaid waves are a perfect combo! To get these perfectly done wavy curls, you’ll need a large barrel curling iron. Start off by prepping your hair with the Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist. It makes sure you won’t fry your red hairstyles, while still ensuring that your hair stays soft and shiny. Then, curl small half inch sections around your curling iron, holding it horizontally instead of vertically. This helps give volume and makes the curls appear more wavy. When you’re done, shake it all out and show off your mermaid princess hair.

red hairstyles long side braids
Messy on purpose is instantly sexy.

2. Voluminous Side Braid

We love when braided hairstyles are all about the hair, not the braid. The best way to get this effect is to go for simple braids! Sure, you could do a complicated braided updo, but then all the attention will be on the braids, not so much  your gorgeous hair color. We like braided red hairstyles to be three-strand side braids. To get a voluminous look, make sure you massage and tug on your braid to loosen it up. You can also pull out small pieces of hair to give that messy-romantic vibe.

red hairstyles we love: the twisted ponytail
Do the twist (or two).

3. Super Easy Low Ponytail

Braiding a bit out of your grasp? Try doing simple twists instead. You’ll still get the effect of showing off different hues in your ‘do, without all the work. Start off this style by scrunching your hair with the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. This helps to give that sexy, voluminous and messy look. Then, take a few sections of hair from the front of your hair and twist backwards. Secure all of your hair into a low ponytail. In a matter of minutes you’ll have a sweet yet edgy hairstyle.

red hairstyles we love: the blowout
A blowout that you can rock all day look.

4. Bed Head Blowout

Ok, so maybe the curly textures aren’t your ideal red hairstyles to wear. How about this bed head blowout instead? It is ever so slightly mussed up giving it that sultry look. Start off by following our tutorial for the perfect at home salon blowout.  Then, you’ll want to add a little bit of messy volume at your roots. Use the Bed Head by TIGI Sugar Dust Root Powder all over the roots on the top of your hair. It’ll add volume and just enough of that messy look to be cute, not unkempt.

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