Spring Hair Color Ideas: The Best Hues to Try Out This Year

Looking to switch up your hair color for spring? Check out these inspiring new hues!

Much like you tailor your makeup look to the fall and summer, changing up your hair color can be an awesome way to bring on a new season. And unlike winter and fall hair tones that tend to be rich and darker, spring hair color shades are typically brighter, bolder and full of life. But even if you aren’t keen on going too bright, there are ways to enhance your look without having to go through a major color change. Soft yet striking highlights are proving to be very popular that might be just the subtle change you need to kick-off spring.

To help you take your color into the new season, check out this inspiring collection of spring hair color ideas that range from bold to subtle:

1. Rose Gold Color

Rose gold color is one the hottest Spring Hair Colors 2017
Rose gold brightens up your hair with peach, mauve and orange tones.

Best achieved through a balayage highlighting technique, gorgeous rose gold places mauve, peach and pink tones throughout the hair in order to achieve a striking multidimensional finish.

2. Blorange Highlights

Blorange highlights are one of the best Spring Hair Colors 2017 brings to the table.
Blorange highlights are fun and bold. Photo credit: Instagram.com/jaclynlacyhair

Perfect for red tones, a bold blorange color is one of the hottest spring hair color trends you won’t forget. To create this look, ask your colorist to create blorange highlights throughout the hair. This will allow you to get that beautiful bright and orange tone.

3. Ashy Bronde Color

Ashy Bronde Tones Are One Of The Best Examples Of Spring Hair Colors 2017 Has To Offer.
Ashy bronde is exciting yet classic.

If you are into more functional looks, opting for sexy, ashy bronde color brightens up your brunette base fast. However, you’ll also need to use the right color-safe shampoo and conditioners to maintain these tones. Try out TIGI Copyright Custom Care Colour Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your color intact.

4. Beachy Balayage Ombre

A beachy balayage ombre is one of the best Spring Hair Colors 2017 has to offer.
A beachy balayage ombre is always in style.

Beachy ombre looks are a must for spring, as they look truly amazing when the weather starts getting a bit warmer out. To get the look, ask your colorist to carefully balayage your hair, keeping your ends lighter than the roots and shaft.  

5. Gray Highlights

Spring Hair Colors 2017 with gray hair
Gray highlights can give your hair an edgy finish. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Although gray hair may seem like a winter-friendly look, it can be quite a refreshing change if you want to start off spring with a bang. However, bold color looks like this tend to fade fast, so you’ll want to wash your hair less in order to keep your gray color from becoming brassy. To keep your hair fresh in between shampoos, use the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo to keep your hair refreshed.

6. Chunky Color

Unexpected Color is One Of The Best Examples Of Spring Hair Colors 2017 brings to the table.
Place bold color at your bangs to help your look pop. Photo credit: Dvora

Chunky and unexpected color is another example of spring hair colors brings to the table. To get the look, try highlighting unconventional areas of your hair. These include your bangs, ends and face-framing layers.

7. Strawberry Blonde Color

Strawberry blonde shades are one of the best Spring Hair Colors 2017 brings to the table.
Strawberry blonde color is striking and full of shine.

Sunny strawberry blonde color is another way to take your red into the spring season. To get the look, ask your colorist to add gorgeous blonde highlights to your hair. Use a high-shine styling oil to play up your gorgeous color look.

8. Copper Color

Copper is one of the best Spring Hair Colors has to offer.
Copper color is one of the best spring hair colors has to offer. Photo credit: Dvora

Copper is another one of the best spring hair colors brings in, as it gives your red an edgier appeal.

9. Platinum Color

Platinum is one the most classic examples of Spring Hair Colors 2017 has to offer.
Platinum color takes your blonde to a whole new level. Photo credit: Dvora

Dying to take your blonde to the next level? Trying some edgy platinum is one the best spring hair colors gives to beauty lovers everywhere.

10. Glitter Ombré

spring hair color: glitter
Make your color pop with glitter. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We like the idea of having fun with your hair for the spring season. Add a little glitter into the mix to make your hair color pop.

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