sombre hair warm brown

7 Gorgeous Sombre Hair Ideas You’ve Got to Try

A subtle shade that'll really make your hair 'pop.'

We know, we know, ombre hair is still having a moment. But, what if you want to liven up your natural color and not deal with constant root maintenance? Enter the sombre hair technique, or the subtle ombre. Dubbed as the softer ombre, sombre hair tones your hair color down a few notches with the dramatic effects of an ombre hair job. So, instead of going from your natural dark brown to platinum blonde, you’ll just lighten up the ends a few shades. Which we think is a perfect option for the color shy or for someone that just wants something a little more low-maintenance. Ready to (slightly) lighten up? Read on to check out seven of our favorite sombre hair colors.

Sombre Hair: Subtle Ombre Styles to Try, Like, Now

sombre hair warm brown
Sun kissed tones look glam on brown hair.

1. Medium Brown to Dark Copper

The best thing about the sombre hair technique is that bleach spends way less time on your hair. Bleach can be damaging, and can alter natural curl patterns. This makes sombre hair that much better for naturally curly girls. We love the subtle transition from the natural medium brown to the gorgeous dark copper shade.

sombre hair straight ombre
Highlight the ends of your hair with some sun-kissed sombre shades. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont.

2. Brown to Dirty Blonde

See what we said about sombre hair looking natural? To make this sombre hair look so natural, the hair is lightened higher up near the face, and lower towards the back of the head. Keep your bleached ends in good condition by using a weekly hair mask like the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask.

sombre hair ginger hair
Try out lighter red tones as a way to mix up your red hair.

3. Red to Ginger Tones

The sombre technique even works great on red hair. If you are itching for a new shade, try lightening the ends and leaving your roots your natural red shade.

sombre hair chocolate hair
Chocolate sombre ends really help dark hair ‘pop.’ Photo credit: Dvora

4. Chocolate Brown to Caramel

This candy colored hair is a dream. We know that brown hair can feel a little flat so shake up your natural chocolatey shades with warm caramel colored ends. This color change looks gorgeous on long hair and we have a feeling it would look just as great on short hair.

sombre hair on blonde
Lighten up your blonde hair some some subtle highlights.

5. Dirty Blonde to Buttery Blonde

Sombre hair totally works on natural blondes, too. We love how lightening up the ends gives a fun beachy look. Keep your sombre as natural looking as possible by starting the color high up, near your part in front and angled down to the back of your head. This will make it look like your hair lightened up while being worn in a ponytail – it’s super flattering.

Need more sombre hair inspiration? Check out sombre’s sister balayage

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