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Best of Both Worlds: 2 Ways to Style Ombre Highlights

The perks of being a brunette and a blonde.

Are you addicted to changing your hair color? The first step is accepting it. The second step is finding a way to keep on experimenting without causing too much damage to your hair. Ombre highlights have long been a favorite of those who suffer from color indecisiveness a.k.a when you want to be blonde one day and brunette the next. This versatile highlighting technique can really give you the best of both worlds, since, depending on how you style your partially blonde locks, you’ll have a completely different look everyday. That means brunette for the work week and blonde for the weekend…or vice versa. Keep reading to discover two different ways to style your ombre highlights. We’ve rounded up one style for each mood!

Ombre Highlights: 2 Ways to Style the Look

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Go back to your roots. Photo credit:

1. Embrace your natural color.

Colder weather might have you craving a return to your natural hair color. Your blonde strands were ideal for long afternoons at the beach but maybe brown locks better fit your vision for for those #fallhair Instagram posts. On days when you’re craving a darker hue to match the season’s obligatory cup of hot cocoa, exposing the top layers of your hair is the perfect way to add that warmth and dimension around your face. To achieve, part your hair down the middle for optimal root exposure and soak up those pseudo hair color virgin vibes while you can. The ends of your hair will still glisten with highlights and you can rest easy with the knowledge that your inevitable blonde hair cravings will soon be satiated.

Thinking about trying the exact look pictured above? Brushed out loose waves are all the rage right now and we just love how super easy they are to create. Start by prepping your hair with some of the TRESemmé Get Sleek Heat Protection Spray and create loose waves with your straightener. Carefully brush through the waves with your fingers and finish off with a few spritzes of the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray

ombre highlights
Highlight those highlights for fall.

2. Go for the blonde.

Whether you went full on blonde a few months back and you’re now basking in a grown-out ombre style or this look was your intention all along, you’ve got a love for blonde locks and likely want to show them off. Braids and twists can become infinitely more exciting when you have multi-colored strands to debut. Mastering intricate braids and vintage rolled styles is your ticket to showcasing the blonde portion of your awesome ombre highlights. Be sure to incorporate a purple shampoo, like the Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo, into your hair care regimen that’ll help you to banish brassiness while also adding some shine to your hair. 

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