5 Unique Orange Hairstyles Ideas for 2023

Orange is the color of the season.

Just in time for pumpkin spice season, orange hairstyles are making a comeback, and we can’t get enough of this bright and bold hair color. This is one of those hair color trends that flatters a range of skin tones, from pale to dark, and this gallery is proof of that! No matter which shade of orange hair color you go for, you’ll be sure to be inspired by these ideas.

5 Orange Hairstyles Ideas for 2023

Read on to check out 5 orange hairstyles ideas to consider for 2023:

1. Naturally Curly Orange Hairstyle

orange hairstyles natural curls
Draw attention to your beautiful natural texture.

Brighten up your natural curls with this pale pumpkin shade of orange hair color. This halo of orange hair color draws attention to your natural hair texture and lets you show off your curls. Anytime you put your hair through any kind of color processing, it’s important to hydrate your strands. Incorporate a product like SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment into your routine to rehydrate those curls!


2. Orange Braids

orange hairstyles braids
Experiment with color in your protective style.

If you aren’t ready to inflict damage onto your strands in the name of a trending hair color, a protective style might be the best idea for you. By opting for a bright orange protective style you can try out the trend without committing for too long. We love this pale orange hue!

3. Shades of Orange

orange hairstyles bob
Shades of orange.

Why incorporate one shade of orange hair color when you can incorporate more? This multi-colored bob ranges from almost-red to pale orange highlights. Talk about making a statement with your hair color! If you do decide to go this route, it’s especially important to switch over to a color safe shampoo and conditioner. A duo like Suave Vivid Color Shampoo and Conditioner will keep your strands super bright.

4. Pumpkin Spice Lob

orange hairstyles lob bangs
Does it get chicer than this?

Pumpkin spice-inspired hair colors are some of our favorite hues for the cooler months. Consider pairing this fresh color with a chic lob with bangs. This hair color and haircut combination balance each other out to create a bold yet polished finished look.

5. Pale Pixie

orange hairstyles rooted pixie
Go short and edgy.

This pale orange pixie is a bit less vibrant but no less edgy thanks to this bold cut! This face-framing pixie is a little overgrown, offering an edgier and cooler feel to your classic short style.

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