Even More Hairstyles We Love from Orange is the New Black

The ladies of Litchfield have some seriously cool hair.

We love that we can get inspiration for our hair from pop culture. One such source of inspiration for new hairstyles has been happening from our weekly binge sessions watching Orange is the New Black. This Netflix original series has had us hooked since Season 1 where we’ve loyally followed along with Piper and the inmates at Litchfield. Featuring a diverse cast of all different backgrounds, hair lengths and hair colors, you’re bound to discover hairstyles that’ll work for you. Read on to check out some of our favorite styles from this past season. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire your new look!

Cool Hairstyles from Orange is the New Black

Cool Hairstyles from Orange is the New Black
Stella Carlin is rocking the pixie on Orange is the New Black. Photo credit: Netflix

1. Pixie Haircut

Stella got the shaft from Piper, to put it lightly. But she always looks stunning with her pixie haircut! We love how this classic haircut can be molded to be spiked, flattened or slicked to the side.

cool hairstyles from Orange is the New Black
Red is all about the fluffy, yet stylied pixie on Orange is the New Black. Photo credit: Netflix

2. Fluffy Pixie

If letting your hair do its thing naturally, then this fluffy pixie is for you. Red has been rocking this look since Season 1 and it’s clear that this is her signature power look, completed with red lipstick, of course.

shoulder length Orange is the New Black
Piper goes for an easy shoulder-length ‘do on Orange is the New Black. Photo credit: Netflix

3. Straight Shoulder-Length Hair

Love to hate her, Piper has clearly evolved since Season 1 and has been showing that she’s a real force to be reckoned with. Her straight blonde hair is that perfect look if you don’t want to go too long but still want some length.

Orange is the New Black Choppy lob
Pennsatucky’s choppy lob. Photo credit: Netflix

4. Choppy Lob

Pennsatucky probably doesn’t realize this but her hairstyle is totally trending. The lob has been everything this season and we love how she makes it her own with a middle part and long, choppy layers.

Frizzy cool hairstyles we love from Orange is the New Black
Nicky doesn’t let frizzy hair get her down on Orange is the New Black. Photo credit: Netflix

5. Frizzy Long Hair

Frizzy hair, who cares? This is another hot hairstyle for 2016 that we’ve seen adorned on street style starts to the red carpet. We also love this look on Nicky who is faithful to her big, curly mane.

Cool Hairstyles we love
Judy finding her way in Litchfield. Photo credit: Netflix

6. Medium-Length Bangs

When Judy King arrived at Litchfield the ladies were psyched to have a quasi-celeb as an inmate. She brought some Southern sass to the mix, along with her signature lob and bangs. These fluffy above the eyebrow bangs can bring definition to your face, which looks particularly flattering on a round face, like Judy’s.

Cool hairstyles we love: Loose Waves
Vause is rocking the wavy, black hair combo. Photo credit: Netflix

7. Loose Waves

We love Alex’s combination of black hair and loose waves. This middle-parted hairstyle focuses on straight hair that falls loosely towards the bottom. Combine it with some dark eyeliner and you’ll be set with this look.

cool hairstyles from Orange is the New Black
Lorna’s vintage hairstyle is always on-point. Photo credit: Netflix

8. Vintage Waves

Lorna might just be losing her mind in Litchfield, but her hair never misses a beat. This retro revival looks super chic on her medium-length hair that follows a S wave that accentuates her face.

Looking for more hairstyles? Check out some of the natural hair looks we love from Orange is the New Black.

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