Hair Color Ideas For Fall

Get cozy with color this fall. 

It’s finally fall, which means pretty much all good things. Cozy sweaters, booties that will make your heart sing, pumpkin spice everything and the changing color of the leaves. Fall is definitely the season of change and one that we love to celebrate is by updating our hair color. From a subtle change to your natural hair color to a total 180, check out these fall hair color ideas that’ll inspire your new look.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall

Hair color ideas for fall: pumpkin spice hair
Transition into fall with a cool pumpkin spice tone. Photo credit:

1. Light Auburn

This color is good for dipping your toes into pumpkin spice hair. It’s in that sweet spot between brown and red that’s really flattering on all skin tones. Fall is filled with warm tones and this auburn hair color is no exception. Keeping this auburn shade light is a chic change of pace from the usual darker auburn colors.

hair color ideas for fall blue hair
Go bold this fall with a deep blue hair color. Photo credit:

2. Bright Teal Blue

Contrast with the warm colors of the season by going blue. This bright teal blue gives denim vibes and is edgy without going too far. Keep in mind before permanently dying your locks a blue shade, that blue dyes tend to be particularly hard to wash out. This could be a good or a bad thing for you depending on how often you like to change up your hair color look.

Hair Color Ideas red ombre hair

3. Red Ombré Hair

If a subtle change is more up your street, update your already red locks with some ombré hair. Keeping the color change slight makes a big difference in the overall effect of your hair without changing too much. Going lighter at the ends is a good change for gal’s who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the salon. An ombré that starts at the roots with your natural color and gets lighter grows out beautifully without lots of touch ups.

Hair color ideas

4. Honey Blond

If you went for a cool, ashy, blond this summer, update to a warmer tone. Honey blond colors are gentle and feel cozy for fall. To keep your blond from looking too beach babe for the season, make sure your hair is toned to a true honey shade and pick up some purple shampoo. You don’t want any yellow brassiness to happen to your honey blond hair after all.

hair color ideas green hair for fall
Go for a shade of green for your fall look. Photo credit:

5. Go Green

Going for a bold hair color choice doesn’t have to be an alternative look. With a sleek bob this dark green looks chic. Keeping your green on the darker end (as opposed to a bright, grassy green) keeps this fun shade seasonal.

hair color ideas

6. Dark Chocolate Brown

Going darker in the cooler months just feels right and this dark chocolatey color is perfect for the season of trick or treating. If you are a natural brunette, going a few shades darker can really update your look. Glossy dark locks are a staple for fall hair colors.

Looking for more fall hair color ideas? Check out these Halloween hair color ideas next.

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