Halloween Hair Color Ideas

Serena Norr | 26 September 2016

Hair color ideas you can rock past Halloween.

We are embracing all things fall over here at All Things Hair and we have to say that from the pumpkin spice hair trend to the fall balayage hair ideas, things are looking pretty awesome for hair as we get into the cooler months. We have also been thinking a lot about Halloween and how we are going to switch up our hair color for this frightful day. For many, Halloween hair color might be a way to try out one of your favorite hair colors by using a temporary spray. Then, there are others that might want a hair color that’ll last way beyond the last sickeningly sweet morsel of candy corn. Either way, we’ve got you covered and rounded up some of our favorite Halloween hair color ideas that feature a collection of super vibrant and mellow shades to try out on the 31st and beyond.

Halloween Hair Color Ideas

Halloween Hair Color Ideas blonde hair
Overgrown roots for Halloween as seen backstage at London Fashion Week SS17. Photo credit: TONI&GUY Products

1. Grown-Out Roots

Halloween Costume: ’70s Disco Queen

By now you know that grown-out roots are a big deal in the fashion and beauty industry. If you’re on the fence about sticking with your summery blonde hair, this can be the perfect option to let your roots grow out as you embrace your darker roots for Halloween. We can definitely see this hair color on as a ’70s disco queen. Who’s ready to buggy?

Halloween Hair Color Ideas Green
Lime green hair for Halloween as seen backstage at London Fashion Week SS17. Photo credit: TONI&GUY Products

2. Lime Green Hair

Halloween Costume: ’90s Club Kid

What’s better than ombre hair? Why lime green ombre hair for Halloween, of course! We love this two-toned look that’ll have you looking super stylish at your Halloween party.

halloween hair ideas subtle color

3. Subtle Color

Halloween Costume: You (and that’s ok!)

Then there are some of us that go mild in the Halloween costume department and want something a little subtle. We how temporary semi-permanent hair color blends with a fishtail braid for an upgraded and very adult looking way to celebrate.

halloween hair color ideas deep red

4. Deep Red

Halloween Costume: Sorceress or Witch

We are loving red hair color for fall, so why not try it out for Halloween. For this look, opt for a very deep red that’ll compliment your Halloween costume as a sorceress or a witch. And don’t forget the deep lip and bold eyeshadow.

halloween hair color ideas streaks

5. Subtle Streaks

Halloween Costume: Frankenstein’s Bride

Create a look for Halloween with highlights. We love how some streaks of red or brown looks flawlessly on those with black hair or natural hair. For this look, simply pull all of your locks up (with some help from some hair gel) into this hair raising new style as Frankenstein’s wife.

halloween hair color ideas brown hair

6. Go Dark

Halloween Costume: Goth Girl

Dark hair is another transitional shade for Halloween that you can take you into the fall and winter. Try out a one-tone dark shade like brown hair or black hair and go goth for Halloween. Don some dark lipstick and eyeliner for a look that’s you with a twist. An easy hair color to try for Halloween, you’ll also love giving your hair a break from dyeing it over the fall.

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