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How to Style Money Piece Hair this Festival Season

This highlighting technique will have you running to the salon.

Money piece hair has been dominating social media. Whether you’ve been looking for curtain bang inspiration or new hair color ideas, there’s a good chance you’ve comes across this latest highlighting trend. High-contrast and super cool, the money piece trend is one of those hair color trends that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Learn how to upgrade your style for 2023 below.

All About the Money Piece

Keep scrolling to learn what exactly the money piece is,  how to get the look, and inspo for your next salon appointment.

What is the money piece trend?

Also known as face-framing highlights, money piece hair is a popular coloring technique that is achieved when you get the front strands of your hair balayaged a brighter shade (usually two to three shades lighter!). The finished result leaves you with face-framing ‘money pieces’ that add dimension to your hair and help brighten and lift your complexion. Unlike chunky, e-girl highlights, this technique is seamless and can look more natural, depending on your preferences.

So, why are they called money pieces? This is mainly due to the fact they make your hair ‘look’ expensive, so it’s no wonder they’re loved by celebs all over.

money piece hair short
The money piece hair trend works on any length or type.

How to Ask for the Money Piece

When asking for a money piece at your next salon appointment, tell your stylist you want face-framing highlights. Your stylist can work with you to determine what thickness and color are best for your hair and the specific style you’re going for.

Adding the money piece to your look is a great way to brighten your complexion and make your style pop! Think of it as the perfect refresh for spring.

When trying out a new style, it always helps to have some inspo pictures for your stylist, so keep scrolling to get ideas for your next hair appointment.

9 Trending Money Piece Hair Color Ideas

Here are 5 ways to try out the trend:

1. Sandy Blonde Money Piece Hair

money piece hair sandy blonde
Try a sandy blonde money piece. Photo credit: @bora_kalaj

If you’re a brunette and want to go lighter, try a balayage look with a sandy blonde money piece. This is a great way to brighten your overall look without drastically changing your hair.

2. Blonde Balayage Money Piece

Brighten your balayage by adding a money piece. Photo Credit: @karldawsonhair

Thinking about trying blonde balayage? Adding a subtle money piece will add dimension to your look and help brighten your complexion. If going blonde, make sure to use a purple shampoo like Nexxus Blonde Color Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. This set will help keep your color vibrant and tone your strands to avoid any brassiness.

3. Balayage Lob Money Piece Hair

A money piece is a great addition to a lob. Photo credit: @candiepaynt

Money piece hair mixed with your bob will help your cut stand out in the best way possible! This edgy length pairs beautifully with the money piece hair trend for a finished style that screams “cool girl hair.”

4. Bold Pink Money Piece

money piece pink
Make a statement by adding a bright money piece to your look. Photo credit: @kateelisabethxo

Want to go for a bold money piece hair look? Try a brightly-colored variation, like pink. This on-trend style is the perfect way to have fun with your style during the warmer months.

5. High Contrast Money Piece

money piece contrast
Try a contrasting color! Photo Credit: @yottiwilkinson

A high-contrast money piece is perfect for those who want to make more of a statement but don’t want to worry about the upkeep of a bright hue. Bleach just the front sections of your hair to create this high-contrast look.

6. Purple Money Piece Hair

purple money piece hair
Purple is always a good idea. Photo credit @artistic.aestheticss

Try a neon hue like purple on your natural hair if you want a more striking money piece effect. It will look effortlessly cool and edgy.

7. Rainbow Money Piece

rainbow money piece hair
If you can’t pick a color, get them all! Credits @blp.jaymz.

Now, if you’re indecisive between rainbow hair and money piece, why not combine them? These colorful strands look super fun and cool, especially for summer, plus they’ll enhance any bright outfit.

8. Money Piece Hair With Bangs

money piece bangs
We’re obsessed with this red and blonde money piece combo. Credits @bescene.

Do you have bangs? No problem! This TikTok hair trend works wonders to spice up your fringe and create even more contrast between the front and the back of your head.

9. Green Money Piece Hair

green money piece hair
Give your hair a wicked look with a touch of green.

If you want to give Shego (any Kim Possible fan here?) vibes, try green money piece hair. This shade is perfect for dark hair to give them a wicked glow-up.

And don’t forget to take care of your colored strands with the right products. To keep the fade at bay while nourishing and protecting your hair, we love SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoothat restores shine and strength with the power of Purple Rice. Pair it with the SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Conditioner for best results.

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