All About the Straightening Brush, Plus How to Use It in 3 Easy Steps

Straighten Your Hair In Three Easy Steps! 

There are so many ways to straighten your hair. You can opt for a classic blowout, use a straightening iron or go the chemical treatment route for something a little more long-lasting. All of these processes can be damaging and time-consuming, especially if you are regular devotee of straight hairstyles. One of the newest straightening tools on the block is the straightening brusha tool that works to detangle your hair, while also making it straight and shiny. While it does involve heat, these brushes are generally considered a little safer and definitely a more affordable option for in-home hair straightening. Read on to learn more about the hairbrush straightener and how it could work on your hair.

straightening brush on blonde hair
A brush is an essential for every girl.

1. What It Does

Essentially, a hair straightener works to seal the cuticles in your hair, which in turn reduces frizz. This can make your hair shiny and more manageable. However, if that sleek look is your MO, you probably won’t achieve the same level of straightening from a brush. We think that it’s a good alternative for those with slightly wavy hair or those with straight hair who have tons of frizz and flyways. Of course, curly girls can use a hair straightening brush you just might not find that they completely tame your curls.

2. What is it Made Of?

Ideally, you should get a brush with tourmaline coating or ceramic plates (as opposed to iron or plastic-coated ones). Why? Tourmaline and ceramic tend to heat up quicker as they neutralize flyaways and frizz, leaving your hair soft and smooth. Another factor to consider is the bristle type. We suggest a brush with nylon or boar bristles. These bristles are generally the softest on your scalp and won’t cause your hair to break. Also, make sure that the brush as a cushioned handle. This will make it so much more comfortable for you to handle as you straighten your hair.

3. Brush Shape

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes. In general, a round brush will work better for those with long hair whereas an angled or a flat brush is better for medium-length locks.

4. Temperature Settings

Sorry to sound so basic, but as a new hair product you may think you know how to use a straightening brush but really you don’t. And that’s cool! Just make sure to give the manual a read-through. Essentially when you switch on the button, the brush should immediately heat up. Use the desired temperature depending on the nature of your hair. If your hair is hard and tangled you can increase the temperature by pressing the plus button but if your hair is frizzy, it does need limited temperature.  For quick results, section your hair into small portions and pass the brush through each portion. You will need to make only one or two passes on each section to achieve a smooth silky look. Another bonus: ceramic-based straightener brush won’t pull your hair due to its flexible bristles.

5. Hold the Style with Some Product

As we mentioned, you won’t get slick, straight strands from a straightening brush. If you find that you still have flyways and frizz use some serum, like TRESemmé Smooth Shine Serum, a quick solution that will nourish your hair while also leaving it frizz-free.

Step 1: Protect

prep your hair before you use a straightening brush
Use a heat protection styling spray before you use your straightener brush.

Unlike most ceramic plated straightening irons, straightening brushes actually look and feel like an actual brush, with an installed heating element usually at the end. This helps you avoid that overly pin-straight finish usually offered from most irons, and manages to keep your strands free of frizz and static at the same time. While you could blow-dry your hair before using your brush, allowing your hair to air dry before styling allows you to skip out on the heat damage associated with blowdryer tools. However, before actually using your brush, it’s important to use a heat protection spray, like TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray, to keep your hair shielded from scorching temperatures and potential damage.

Step 2: Style

straightening brush on long hair
Section off your hair with clips, and use your straightener brush to style your hair carefully.

Once your heat protection spray has been applied, it’s time to start styling. While a straightening brush may look different from straightening irons, it’s not very complicated to use. Start the styling process by simply plugging your tool in, and wait for it to heat up. Brush each section of the hair from root to tip. Just remember that the temperature of your straightening brush can be extremely hot, so you’ll want to style with caution in order to avoid any unwanted burns.

Step 3: Set

straightening brush to achieve awesome styles
Once you are finished styling, use a fine hold hairstyle to keep your locks frizz-free!

Thanks to this innovative tool, styling your hair shouldn’t take too long. Even if your length is long or short, styling time should take under 20 minutes tops. Before you add any product to your hair, let your tresses cool for a bit. Once cooled down, seal in your straight style with Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray that helps keep frizz and flyaways to a minimum.

In less than 20 minutes, you should be done with straightening your hair. How awesome is that? Despite its simplicity in terms of usage, it will still save you a lot of time and give you that perfect look. The prices are also pocket-friendly, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

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