Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Find the Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Using a Warm and Cool Tones Chart

The perfect match for your skin color.

Want to dye your hair but have no idea what hair colors would suit you best? Fear not; here, you will find the breakdown of what skin tones and undertones are and what hair colors compliment you best! Discover the best hair color for skin tone chart and ensure you walk out of that hair salon radiating hair color confidence.

Below we’ll show you different charts where you can pick your perfect hair and skin color match.

Skin Tones and Undertones for Hair

skin tone for hair color
4 Main Categories of Skin Tone. Photo credit: iStock on Google

Check out our article, which discusses the Pantone skin tone guide, which explains the 110 unique skin tone colors! For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the four main categories of skin tones: light, fair, medium, and dark, for a general but practical analysis, as well as the most common undertones in the skin: Warm and Cool tones.

Need a new hair regimen?
Photo credit: iStock on Google

A cool tone in the skin means a blueish undertone, often creating a rosy appearance in the complexion. A warm undertone means there is a yellow complexion to the skin. Neutral is an additional undertone when the skin is neither cool nor warm undertone.

fair skin tone hair color
Photo credit: Color hex color codes on Google

Light skin tones have a warmer undertone than fair skin. Hair colors that would compliment light skin tones would also be warm tones!

Photo credit: Aya ?! on Pinterest

Hair colors such as orange, chocolate brown, or any tones with a hint of red or yellow, or orange are a look that will for sure leave you feeling confident and bold. Next to a light skin tone would be the fair skin tone, which has a cool undertone, and rosy appearance but can range from cool to a warm undertone…

rosy tones
Photo credit: Color hex color codes on Google

A cool undertone is what makes the fair skin noticeably stand out. You guessed that for light skin tones with a cool undertone for fair skin! Colors that appear blueish like the ones below will best compliment your skin complexion:

Photo credit: Ally on Pinterest

Cool tones paired with a fair skin tone are the perfect combination to try a unique look that also compliments you well enough to feel “natural” with your complexion. Cool tones in the hair could be identified as colors having a blue tint to them. Black hair, blue and gray hair, as well as icy blonde or platinum, would be an incredible style to try. The next skin tone we will talk about is the dark skin tone which, unlike fair and light skin tones, darker skin tones range from medium skin tones to dark skin tones.

Dark skin Tones range in many shades and between warm and cool undertones, so choosing what hair color will for sure suit best becomes an easy feat as any tones will look and feel good.

Photo credit: Okemute Ugwuamaka on Pinterest

Dark skin tones and warm-toned hair colors create an inviting and warm aesthetic. Colors ranging from caramels to bold reds would compliment not only one complexion but also amplify it. However, despite cool tones also working for dark skin, most individuals with dark skin tend to opt for more warm-toned hair colors. Cool-toned hair colors look just as radiant and natural.

Photo credit: Colossal on Pinterest

Cool tones look incredible on dark skin, with colors ranging from dark blues to lighter ones; you can get creative with whatever style or highlight you wish to accomplish! There are many skin tones and undertones, and this guide only gives you an overview to help you choose the right hair color for you! To further help you picture what hair colors would look best for the look you are trying to achieve, below is an example of why understanding skin undertones may help you.

Photo credit: Celebrities Buzz Ghana on Pinterest

The photo shows the same model with cool undertone skin, trying both cool and warm hair colors. When the model matches their hair color to their undertone, like silver, you will find that the hair blends with the skin and gives off a natural look, while the hot pink gives off a more bold and stand-alone look. Remember, you can rock any hair color! However, understanding undertones and skin tones will help you choose the color you believe will suit you best.

Thank you so much for reading, and please make sure to check out more articles on our site!

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Need a new hair regimen?
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