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Find the Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Using a Warm and Cool Tones Chart

The perfect match for your skin color.

Want to dye your hair but have no idea what hair colors would suit you best? Fear not, with the help of a skin tone chart and some experimenting, you will find the best hair colors to complement your complexion!

Discover the best hair color for your skin tone chart below, so you can walk out of that hair salon radiating confidence.

Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Chart

Before you choose a new color, you need to determine your skin tone and undertone. We’ll help you do that below with our best hair colors for your skin tone chart.

4 Types of Skin Tones

skin tone for hair color
4 Main Categories of Skin Tone. Photo credit: iStock on Google

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the main categories of skin tones: light, fair, and dark, as well as the most common undertones in the skin: Warm and Cool tones. But if you want to delve a little deeper into skin tone, check out our article, which discusses the Pantone skin tone guide, which explains the 110 unique skin tone colors!

Cool and warm skin undertones.
Cool and warm skin undertones.

Skin Color Chart

Use the skin color charts below to discover which skin tone you have and which hair color will work best for you.

Fair Skin

fair skin tone hair color
Photo credit: Color hex color codes on Google

A cool undertone is what makes fair skin stand out. Opting for a cool hair tone like blue or pastel colors can highlight a fair complexion in a unique way, as you can see below:

blue hair on fair skin
Try a cool hair color on fair skin for beautiful results.

Cool hair colors paired with fair skin tones combine perfectly for a unique yet complementary look. Cool hair tones can be described as having a blue tint to them. Try black hair, blue hair, and gray hair, as well as icy blonde- or platinum- tones.

Light Skin

rosy tones
Photo credit: Color hex color codes on Google

Light skin usually has a warmer, yellowish undertone. Your best off choosing a warm hair color like the inspo picture below:

Go red and orange for a striking look.

Hair colors such as orange, chocolate brown, or any tones with a hint of red, yellow, or orange are a look that will leave you feeling confident and bold.

The next skin tone we will talk about is the dark skin tone which spans from medium skin tones to dark skin tones.

Dark Skin

Similarly to fair skin tones, dark ones have shades and can complement different hair colors. You can start easy with caramel and blondes, and work your way up to bolder hues like blue, pink, and more!

warm tones dark skin
Warm blonde and brunette tones work wonders on dark skin.

Dark skin tones and warm-toned hair colors create an inviting and warm aesthetic. Colors ranging from caramels to bold reds not only complement this complexion but also highlight it. Usually, people with dark skin tend to opt for warm-toned hair colors, but the good news is that you can experiment with cool-toned hair, too!

Cool undertones dark skin
Cool undertones look fabulous too!

Cool tones look incredible on dark skin, with colors ranging from dark blues to lighter ones; you can get creative with whatever style or highlight you wish to accomplish! There is no right or wrong and it might take some attempts before finding the perfect shade. Below you can find some more inspo on how bright colors work wonders on dark skin.

girl with section of pink hair
Bright colors on dark skin are beautiful.

Look at how this hot pink and dark brown combination gives off a bold and stand-alone look.

Remember, you can rock any hair color! However, understanding undertones and skin tones will help you choose the hue you believe will suit you best.

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