7 Black Hair with Red Highlights Ideas and Hair Care Tips

Need a color pick-me-up for your dark hair? Try red highlights!

Black hair with red highlights is a unique combo. Many people either go the bold route and add in pops of bright red or opt for a more natural hue and choose copper or auburn highlights. No matter which option you pick, we love this color combo because it brings dimension and brightness, which brings new life into a dark color.

Not quite sure how to pull off this look? Keep scrolling to check out our black hair with red highlight ideas! Plus, find out hair care tips for color-treated hair to keep your hue fresh.

From red goddess locs to auburn highlights throughout, this is a look anyone can pull off!

1. Auburn Highlights

girl with auburn and black hair
Try out an auburn look.

We love how auburn highlights look when paired with black hair. It creates subtle warmth that brightens up your whole look. Consider this burgundy hue for an unexpected shade of red hair.

2. Black and Red Ombré Hair

girl with red ombre bob
Opt for ombré!

Do you want more color than just black hair with red highlights, but don’t want to commit to an all-over color? Try a red ombré look on black hair. This ombré style requires zero upkeep as you can just let the style grow out!

3. Red Goddess Locs

girl with red goddess locs
Add red into your goddess locs for a look that truly pops!

Want to add color to your locs? Incorporate red hair into your naturally dark hair for a look that stands out! A bright hue like this is very flattering on a dark complexion! We love how bright and bold this color is.

4. Black Hair with Red Faux Hawk

girl with curly black and red faux hawk
Gather your hair into a faux hawk to show off your new color.

A faux hawk is the. perfect style for days you want to try something a little edgy, but don’t want to take the plunge and wear an actual mohawk. Plus, the pop of color looks great at the top of the faux hawk.

5. Reddish Purple Hair Tint

girl with red purple long hair
Try out a tint for a bolder look.

Adding a red tine to your hair is a great option if you want a little more color than highlights give, but don’t want a full red look. A red tint will create a color similar to cherry cola.

6. Bright Red Highlights

girl with black hair and bright red ends
Make a statement in bright red.

Create a look where bright red highlights cascade into a full red look. This creates a high contrast look that is stunning on black hair. The contrast allows each portion of the style to really shine.

7. Piecey Red Highlights

girl with black hair and red highlights
Opt for a piecey look.

If you want traditional red highlights that pop, try out a piecey black hair with red highlights style. We love how the color seamlessly weaves throughout the dark hair. This is a great way to touch on the trend without committing to a head full of red hair.

Having red hair is so exciting, but even with highlights, you have to make sure you’re caring for your strands the right way. Check out hair care tips below to keep your red strands looking vibrant.

1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner.

It’s so important to make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner set formulated for color-treated hair. We love using Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner because the shampoo is sulfate-free which will help prevent stripping and it keeps your color vibrant for up to 40 washes. Plus, it nourishes your strands too!

2. You can never have too much moisture.

This goes for a majority of hair types, but especially our ladies with color-treated hair. When you dye your hair, the chemical will cause it to be come dryer, making it more prone to breakage and damage. It’s crucial to use a moisture hair mask at least once a week to make sure your hair is getting the proper hydration and nourishment.

Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose 2-Minute Magic Masque is one of our favorites because it’s formulated specifically for color-treated hair. It instantly makes your hair feel softer, less frizzy, and noticeably shinier.

3. Don’t forget your touch-ups.

When upkeeping black hair with red highlights, it’s important to make sure you’re touching up the color to keep the style fresh and not outgrown. It’s best to go every 6-8 weeks for touch-ups depending on how quick your shade of red fades.

Whether you’re trying our piecey red highlights or subtle auburn highlights, there’s a variation out there for everyone!

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