Fake Bangs: How to Create a Temporary Fringe On Your Hair

How to get a fringe without making a big commitment.


We’ve all been there: trying to decide if we want to get bangs and feeling terrified that we’ll regret it. If you really aren’t sure if you are ready to take the plunge, you may want to consider fake bangs. They’re the best option if you want to see how bangs look on you before making the cut and commitment.

Before booking your haircut appointment, try your hand at styling fake bangs to see how you look and feel about the change. Want to give this look a shot? Here’s how you can create fake bangs with your own hair:


Refresh hair and moisturize.

To begin creating your fake bangs style, refresh your hair with a dry shampoo (if needed), like Bed Head by TIGI Oh Beehive Dry Shampoofor a clean start before creating your updo style. Then use a few drops of the Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourising Hair Oil to add moisture to your hair.


Create half-updo.

Part hair from ear-to-ear and gather the top section into a high ponytail before securing it with a hair tie.


Flip hair ends forward and pin.

Take the lengths of your ponytail and bring them forward towards your face. Then use a bobby pin to secure your hair in place. These are your new fake bangs!


Style your fake bangs.

Use a comb to style your fake bangs the way you prefer. You can create a center part or side part. Play around with the look to see what works best for your face!


Add headband and create updo.

Place a headband over your bangs to accessorize your look and hide the transition into fake bangs. (No one needs to know your secret!)

Gather the back section of hair into a high ponytail, then tease the ends by backcombing with a fine-tooth comb. Flip the ends over to blend into the first ponytail you created, then pin in place to secure.


Finish with hairspray.


Show off your new look!

Head on out and show off your new style!

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