20 Best Copper Hair Highlights for 2019

One color fits all. 

Copper highlights are one of the most luxurious looking hair colors. The rich reddish-orange tone gives your hair a gorgeous brightening effect while looking natural. These looks ahead prove that no matter your hair color, the tone just works.

From copper on dark-colored hair to orangey tones, scroll through this gallery for the latest and best ways to wear the highlights this season:

1. Copper Highlights on Afro

copper highlights: afro hair
Beautiful copper curls.

Looking for a simple update on your curlicues. Dip dye your ends to create a subtle, yet striking new look.

2. Shiny Copper Curls

copper highlights copper curls
Get the shiny effect with a shine serum.

Create a striking look with copper highlights with a super shiny finish. To maintain the shine, incorporate shine-enhancing products like serums into your hair styling routine. Try TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to give your highlights a glistening effect.

3. Red and Copper

copper highlights: red hair
The two hues complement each other.

It may not seem like copper highlights would work well on redheads as the colors tend to be so similar. This look is proof that anything is possible.

4. Copper Tones on Healthy Hair

copper highlights: healthy hair
Keep your color vibrant and your hair healthy.

There’s nothing like a fresh set of highlights on healthy looking hair.

5. Espresso and Copper

copper highlights: espresso hair
The perfect mix.

Use copper tones to lighten up espresso-hued hair colors.

6. Copper Ribbons

copper highlights: dark wavy hair
Deep tones with hints of copper.

The reddish hue of these copper highlights lends a warm feeling to this chocolatey base.

7. Copper Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

copper highlights: dark brown hair
A few hints of copper tones to update your dark hair color.

These copper highlights on dark brown hair create the illusion of the perfect caramel shade.

8. Curly Copper Hair

copper highlights: copper ends
Add a few highlights to make your curls pop.

Keep it simple with a touch of copper lights at the ends of your curls.

9. Chunky Wave

copper highlights: dark brown hair
Add a chunk of copper to brighten up your dark base.

Add a chunk of copper lights to long dark brown hair. The color blends in nicely styled in wavy looks.

10. Copper Ends on Chocolate Hair

copper highlights: chocolate hair
Add dimension to chocolate hair with strips of copper lights.

On dark shades experiment with a few ribbons of copper highlights.

11. Copper and Orange

copper highlights: curly hair orange
Mix a sun-kissed orangey hue with subtle hints of copper and blonde.

Blended with blonde highlights, this look sure creates a standout effect.

12. Blonde and Copper

copper highlights blonde hair
Mix it up with blonde highlights.

Make your curlicues pop with fresh strips of copper and blonde highlights. Style with Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel.

13. Copper Balayage

copper highlights: balayage
Natural-looking and stunning.

This balayage effect makes this copper job look natural.

14. Autumnal Inspired Hues

copper highlights autumnal hues
Perfect look for the fall season and beyond.

Looking for a hair color that complements a particular season? Try highlights of copper shades with red and orange undertones.

15. Auburn and Copper

copper highlights: auburn hair
Make your auburn hue stand out.

Mix highlights of copper tones with an auburn base to lighten up the look.

16. Ash Copper Tones

copper highlights: ash tones
Tone it down with an ashy finish.

Experiment with ashy tones of copper highlights to update your look.

17. Face-Framing Copper Lights

face framing copper highlights
Copper highlights to frame your face.

These copper highlights on dark brown hair lighten up your countenance significantly.

18. Copper on Black Hair

copper highlights: ebony hair
A splash of copper to create visual interest at the back of your hair.

A splash of copper mixed in with tones of buttery blondes stands out against a dark-colored base.

19. Sun-kissed Copper Tones

copper highlights reddish tones
Beautiful just like the reddish tones from the sunset.

Try the ombré technique to create sun-kissed ends.

20. Copper Ombré

copper highlights ombre
A mixture of buttery and reddish tones.

Add a few hints of copper tones is enough to give your hair a stylish update.

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