Partial Highlights for Brown Hair: 7 Ways to Switch Up Your Look

Go for a little bit of lightness to brighten your hair.

For those with brown hair, you might start to get that color-trying itch once the weather starts to warm up; suddenly you see yourself craving to go lighter. One easy way to make the switch is to opt for partial highlights for brown hair that frame the face, without going for full-on highlights. These highlights also range from a variety of shades like caramel to honey that can surely deliver the ‘pop’ of color you’re looking for. Get inspired to try out a new hue in our roundup of different ways to wear partial highlights for brown hair:

Tons of Tones: Cool Partial Highlights for Brown Hair

partial highlights for brown hair: honey
These natural looking highlights are everything.

1. Honey Brown Highlights

Honey and chocolate hair always, always go well together. There’s something so sweet about the combination, right? We love to place partial highlights mostly near the face, but don’t forget about the rest of your hair entirely. A smooth gradient will help to give your hair flow. If you go for this gorgeous soft golden tone, we always recommend you show it off with shine. To achieve, apply TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum on your hair to smooth out any frizz or flyaways.

partial highlights for brown hair with chunky highlights
Thick blonde bangs? Yes please. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Platinum Fringe

Okay, you don’t always need to fan out those partial highlights. You could, instead, go for a bold look and stack them all in your fringe area. We love these totally platinum blonde bangs mixed with strawberry blonde partial highlights. The overall effect with naturally light brown hair is very cool and striking.

partial highlights for brown hair: balayage hair
The perfect blended partial highlights. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Seamless Amber Highlights

#hairgoals is all we have to say about these gorgeous amber-toned highlights. You don’t need to start your highlights way up at the roots, FYI. We love how these highlights were worked in like a gradient to give a softer finish.

partial highlights for brown hair caramel tones
Caramel perfection.

4. Partial Highlights + Ombré

We’re big fans of this look, using both partial highlights near the front of the face, melted into an Ombré. If you’re lightening up all around like this, make sure you have a toning shampoo or mask like Catwalk By TIGI Fashionista Violet Mask that works to hydrate your bleached hair while also helping to keep brassiness at bay.

partial highlights for brown hair curly
Curly highlights are a win.

5. Partial Blonde Highlights

How great are these bright blonde highlights? Just goes to show that you can have highlights in curly hair with a totally gorgeous result. We love how these bright blonde pieces are blended into a warm, medium brown shade.

partial highlights for brown hair long hair
Wheat toned hair for days.

6. Chunky Wheat Highlights

For a naturalista tone, try a wheat blonde. This shade is slightly cool toned but keeps the shade nice and bright. This is another highlights and ombré mix, but we like how these highlights are a bit different by going for a chunkier look. Make sure, if you’re doing a lot of bleaching to hydrate your hair with every wash. We like to use Suave Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment on bleached ends.

different partial highlights for brown hair: skinny highlights
The skinnier the better for natural looking highlights.

7. Ultra Natural Toffee Highlights

If the 100% natural look is your jam go for these skimpy toffee colored highlights. They aren’t as bright as your average highlights, which automatically makes them look much more natural. Add in the skinny mini sections and they look naturally lightened by the sun.

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