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Editor’s Choice: This Duo is One of the Most Effective Frizzy Hair Solutions

The frizzy hair solution I'll be depending on all summer!

I have been on the hunt for frizzy hair solutions that are effective and long-lasting. As an Orthodox Jewish married woman, I cover my hair with either a wig or a scarf when I’m outside of my home, and it’s safe to say that learning to care for both my natural hair and my wig isn’t always easy. Two heads of hair mean two sets of haircare challenges and two sets of solutions!

Wearing a wig in the heat is not always the most comfortable feeling, but there is something about being able to put on a head of pre-styled hair and not worry about bad hair days! That being said, the humidity in New York is at an all-time high, and the luxury of putting on a ‘done’ hairstyle every day is only as effective as the haircare products that go into washing and styling that hair.

Frizzy Hair Solutions Unlocked

The great thing about human hair wigs is that they look and feel pretty realistic. The challenging part about them is that they behave like…well, human hair.

frizzy hair solutions
Double the hair, double the haircare solutions.

About My Hair

While my natural hair is on the thicker and wavier end of the spectrum, my wig is processed straight hair that is prone to frizz in the humidity. I will spend a while carefully washing, conditioning, and setting my wig, only to step outside and have it puff up in the humidity.

Wigs are washed far less frequently than natural hair, and the process is much more intensive. I’m always looking for products and a shampoo and conditioner duo that truly clean the hair and wig cap while also offering anti-frizz benefits.

frizzy hair solutions
This duo is changing the way I think about my summer haircare routine.

The Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Duo

Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Weightless Frizz Protection Shampoo and Conditioner caught my eye, and I knew I had to try them out the next time I washed my wig. One thing about wigs is that they are expensive! You don’t want to use just any products when caring for your wigs. The more careful you are with the hair, the longer the wig will last.

That being said, Nexxus is one of the only brands I trust because I always look for salon-quality for my wig. The Ultralight Smooth Weightless Frizz Protection duo is a sulfate-free formula that’s gentle enough not to damage the hair and effective enough to really clean it.

The Results

The great thing about washing a wig is that you can see the product in action. The Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Weightless Frizz Protection Shampoo sudsed up into an effective and soothing cleanse. I was also happy to see that the formula didn’t weigh the hair down. I rinsed the shampoo thoroughly and followed up with the Nexxus Ultralight Smooth Weightless Frizz Protection Conditioner. The hair was as smooth as butter instantly.

The real test came when the hair air-dried. Rather than drying in an uneven and frizzy texture, the hair was silky smooth. After curling the hair and putting my wig on, I could see how effective the formula is.

This duo is my new go-to for ensuring that my wig stays frizz-free through even the worst humidity.

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