45 Braided Updos for Long Hair for All Hair Personalities

That's right, all of the braided updos—or a month and a half's worth, to be exact, and just 'cause we love you.

Do you love romantic hairstyles, or do you flirt with edgy, punky looks? Are you a bun-and-run kinda girl, or into creating more detailed, intricate styles? Or, maybe you’re all of these, depending on the day/weather/your horoscope for the day? Thankfully, there are tons of fun looks out there for long hair that can cater to every hair mood! The following braided updos for long hair show just how many styling options you can try out by simply updating a classic bun with a cool-looking plait.

Read on to see our massive roundup of braided updos to fit every style profile and occasion. Talk about versatility!

Braided Updos for Every Kind of Hair Texture and Look

1. Center Plaits

center braided updos for long hair
A middle part is key. Photo credit: Dvora

Skinny French braids on either side of the head upgrade the look of a basic bun.

2. Curly Top Knot

curly top knots as braided updos for long hair
Create a side pony first before braiding to make for an easier top knot process.

The curls give this five-minute look some much-needed edge. Click here for a full tutorial.

3. Low Dutch Variation

low dutch braided updos for long hair
Split hair into pigtails before braiding. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Dutch braids, or braids that cross under rather than over the middle, are a cute tweak to your regular three-strand or French. Recreate this look by doing it on pigtails and pinning them atop each other, or by sidewinding one plait and affixing it to your scalp with pins. Keep your frizzies tamed with a hair spray that provides touchable hold, like Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible-Hold Hairspray.

4. High Bun

high braided updos for long hair
A high braided bun perks up your normal off-duty style.

Recreate this look in three minutes by pinching some hair at the hairline, French-braiding, then coiling your hair into a bun.

5. Low Space Buns

low space bun braided updos for long hair
A fishtail or rat-tail comb helps give a more precise part. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Part into pigtails first, then braid each section using your stitch of choice. Create two knobs and secure in place with a hair tie or pins.

6. Milkmaid Braid

milkmaid braided updos for long hair
Not as complex as it looks, we promise.

Swiss misses, take heed! Create two regular three-strand simple plaits, then criss-cross each across your crown and pin behind the opposite ear for a headband effect. Follow our milkmaid tutorial for more guidance.

7. Side Braided Bun

side braided updos for long hair
Yoga to coffee never looked as chic!

French-braid from your part down to your nape, then switch to a three-strand stitch till the ends. Loop around to create your bun. Tutorial here!

8. Side French Bun

side French braided updos for long hair
A knobbier version for those who want more textured buns. Photo credit: Dvora

Similar to the previous style, this look features a side-winding French braid but gathered into a slightly more casual-looking bun.

9. Wraparound

braided hair updo wraparound headband

This milkmaid-like version features a wispier hairline and tighter-pulled braids on each side. Release some tendrils to also make the look slightly softer and more romantic.

10. Twisted Updo

twisted braided updos for long hair
Made you look! Twists take the place of a regular braid with this updo.

Hair is twisted from each side, then pinned in the center from the crown downwards to create this look. Follow the tutorial here.

11. Mixed Cornrows

cornrow braided updos for long hair
Multiple Dutch braids give your updo more texture. Photo credit: Nick Urteaga

Skinny Dutch braids (or cornrows) on the side of your hair paired with a fatter plait on top give a cool fauxhawk effect. In case you need help in the volumizing department, a small ping-pong ball-sized puff of mousse before blow-drying, such as TRESemmé 24-Hour Body Foaming Mousse, helps infuse strands with body and provide a fuller base.

12. Box-Braided Top Knot

box braided updos for long hair in blue
Pick a dyed weave for a pop of color. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Box braid styles on natural hair get even more directional with the addition of colored extensions.

13. Cornrow Pony

sparse braided updos for long hair
Cornrowed ponies are true head-turners. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Do as many (or as few) sections as your heart desires, then gather it all up into a high ponytail for maximum fierceness.

14. Staticky Dutch Updo

Dutch braided updos for long hair
Embrace that halo frizz! Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

A texturized version can be achieved with a bit of backcombing or a hair sponge.

15. Dutch Pigtail Updo

Dutch pigtail braided updos for long hair
Split hair into pigtails and braid at the very sides for a cute, texturized feel. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Pile the plaits on top of each other to create a fun horizontal bun.

16. Hair Rings

rings on braided updos for long hair
Punk-inspired and festival-ready! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Clip onto your links to spice up your entire look. #prettyinpunk

17. Box-Braided Half Space Buns

box braided updos for long hair with space buns
A lighter alternative to regular Bantu knots.

Less tension than a full space bun, but with the same amount of cuteness.

twisted braided updos for long hair
A bit of 1990s flavor is always a fab idea.

This throwback look features a simple twist-around bun that’s secured at the crown. Ed’s tip: A leave-in conditioner, like Suave Professionals Avocado+Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream, helps keep your strands (and roots) moisturized while wearing protective ‘dos.

19. Multiple Upside-Down Braided Bun

upside down braided updos for long hair
Flip it and reverse it with a bunch of Dutch braids that start at the nape. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Recreate a faux undercut feel with a group of trendy upside-down braids. View the tutorial here.

20. Single Upside-Down Bun

reverse braided updos for long hair
Choose one plait for an easier take. Photo credit: Dvora

Don’t stress about this, and simply flip your head over before starting your French plait.

21. Bleached Buns

bleached braided updos for long hair
Cute and clubby at the same time. Photo credit: Dvora

Box braids give way to rope twists in this unique, punky look.

22. Accent Plait with Croissant Bun

accented braided updos for long hair
Skinny braids give a pretty touch to a folksy-looking chignon.

Flip the lengths over to create a satisfyingly lush-looking bun at your nape.

23. Basket Braid

basket braided updos for long hair
For all you expert-level braiders!

A French braid on steroids, enlist a friend to help with this basket braid tutorial.

24. Coiled Bun

a coiled braided bun of a woman standin outside
This quirky, chameleon-tail braid starts from a simple three-strand half-updo.

Begin an easy half-updo braid till the ends, and coil it around to create your bun. Pin to one side for extra interest.

25. Crown Halo

crown halo braided updos for long hair
Easy and high-impact, with a totally regal vibe.

Like the milkmaid, this looks more complex than it really is. Start with a regular three-strand braided ponytail and pin across your head, recreating a crown effect.

26. French Braided Bun

french braided updos for long hair
Two feeder French braids from either temple make up the meat of this braided chignon.

This classy look features two “feeder” braids from each side of your hairline that switch out to braided pigtails after the nape.

27. French Halo

french halo braided updos for long hair
Shiny locks make this style stand out even more.

This look starts from a French braid on one side looped around till it reaches the opposite ear, and pinned at the point it switches to a three-strand braid.

28. Waterfall Halo

waterfall braided updos for long hair
Loving the crown effect! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Highlights make this look all the more dimensional, and give cadence to the “waterfall” effect at the hairline.

29. Bejeweled

bejeweled braided updos for long hair
A wedding favorite.

Curl hair before looping it around into a low bun for more texture, and hide the seam between the braid and the bun with your glittery accessory of choice.

30. Low Bun with Flowers

low braided updos for long hair
A spray of tiny white flowers provides just the right finishing touch.

A simple look, this features another set of feeder braids from each temple that come together to form a neat little ballerina bun.

31. Pancaked

pancaked braided updos for long hair
Tug each link apart to fatten your braid.

Start with a waterfall braid at the hairline, then loop the tail around on top of your original hairline plait for a high-impact look.

32. Multiple Headband

multiple headband braided updos for long hair
The jumble of thick and skinny plaits are a fun visual mashup.

Hack: Start with the thick plait, then circle it around the bump in your crown as it thins out, creating a de facto baby beehive.

33. Two-Sided Braided Bun

two sided braided updos for long hair
This Celtic-themed braid is both polished and folksy.

Start with two French braids on either side, taking hair from the nape hairline. Loop both into a central coil and secure with pins.

34. Side French

side braided updos for long hair
Best for thick hair types, the side braid gives a vintage feel.

We’re loving the vintagey, slightly 1920s take that this side French braid evokes.

35. Low Croissant

low croissant braided updos for long hair
Rosettes provide a charming accent, especially when nestled just in the seam of the bump.

Twist your hair from both sides before gathering it all together in a low, shiny, wedding-worthy bun.

36. Bow Bun

bow bun braided updos for long hair
This totally meta look is a vlogger fave.

Hair that’s fashioned into a literal ribbon (get it?) is giving us all of the feels. Learn how to emulate this cutesy look here.

37. Oversized Plaits

oversized braided updos for long hair
The key: pancaking!

Create a regular Dutch braid, then tug the edges to fatten each link. Next, cross the ponytail horizontally across your crown once, then repeat underneath, so you end up with two rows of plaits.

38. Fishtail Bun

fishtail bun braided updos for long hair
A fishtail plait revs up an ordinary low chignon.

That trademark herringbone stitch is just so pretty against highlighted hair, don’t you think?

39. Fishtail Crown

fishtail crown braided updos for long hair
So perfectly in place, you’d be hard pressed to think it was actual hair.

Part hair in the middle and proceed with a regular fishtail braid, then circle it, milkmaid-style, across your crown, pinning the two layers together.

40. Fishtail Top Knot

fishtail knotted braided updos for long hair
The wisps on the hairline keep it from looking too “done.” Photo credit: Faraz Essani Photography

You can start with one fishtail plait or do two (one on each side) before gathering everything up into a high bun.

41. Flower Buns

flower bun braided updos for long hair
Two detached Dutch braids coiled into an outside-in bun create the look.

This is another literal style we can definitely recreate without too much work. Tip: Pancake your plaits to create more realistic “petals.”

42. Partline Waterfall

waterfall braided updos for long hair
A waterfall braid is tres romantic, but also super high-brow.

Do a half-French braid right on your hairline by pinching new strands from the back of your forehead (to create that telltale “waterfall” look), and weave the hair directly on your fringe using a normal three-strand stitch.

43. Messy Fishtail Crown

messy fishtail braided updos for long hair
A tight herringbone weave gets ushered into haute couture territories when done with a staticky finish.

Yet another example of how wisping it up (on your fringe area, throughout the plait) can make such a huge difference.

45. Box-Braided Turban

turban braided updos for long hair
This clever braid-upon-a-braid look is perfect for hot weather. Photo credit: Dvora

Why bother with a wrap when you’ve got yourself covered… literally? This cool hairstyle features box-braided hair looped around in a turban style and affixed with strategically-placed hairpins all throughout.

45. Wispy Bun

wispy bun braided updos for long hair
An awesome balance between actually made an effort and looking effortlessly chic. Photo credit: xxx

Create two Dutch braids from your hairline, leaving your entire fringe area loose. Incorporate the braids into the rest of your hair and loop into a bun, curling/texturizing the hairline pieces as you see fit.

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