Boar Bristle Brush: Why this Brush is Your New Best Friend

Alyssa François | 23 April 2016

Reasons why this brush is all the rage.

Do you have: Dry hair? Fine hair? A love for voluminous blowouts? Hair that doubles up as a lint roller, collecting dust from all over? If you’ve answered yes to one or more, and don’t know what a boar bristle brush is, we suggest you get familiar now. This hair tool is like the icing on the cake for your grooming and styling routine. What exactly makes the boar bristle brush stand out from the others? Read on to discover why this hair brush should be a part of your hair care clique.

Boar Bristle Brush Benefits

brunette lob for summer boar bristle brush
Healthy hair starts with a good brush. Photo credit:

1. Adds shine and distribute hair oils.

Seriously, who doesn’t want shiny hair? When brushing your hair with this type of brush, the bristles distributes the scalp’s natural oils (sebum) throughout the hair strands, resulting in a natural sheen. This is also great for those with dry hair, as the bristles stimulate your hair follicles to produce more oil. On curly textured hair—since this hair type falls on the dry end of the spectrum—try brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush after moisturizing and detangling to help spread out the natural oils from your scalp throughout your curls. To make this process easier, brush your hair in sections from the ends to roots, especially if your hair has a tighter curl pattern, to avoid any tangling.

2. Boosts volume and smooths hair.

Round boar bristle brushes provide great grip and tension on the hair when you blow-dry. This tool is ideal for those with coarse hair, thicker hair and curly textures as the tension provided from the brush, when it’s wrapped with the hair, encourages a smooth and straight finish. And the next time you are styling your hair straight, let your boar bristle brush help you out. Strokes of the boar bristle brush from root to tip helps lay your hair down flat which helps it to appear much straighter.

3. Helps to clean hair.

Not so fast: The boar brush won’t replace your shampoo but contributes to the hair washing process. As the hair is brushed, the boar bristle brush captures any lint or dirt found in the hair. So the next time you’re due for a wash, pre-cleanse your hair with a few strokes of your boar bristle brush. Or, if its dry-shampoo time, utilize a boar bristle brush to work with the dry shampoo, helping it get to more of that nasty grime in between washes. Be sure to clean your brush weekly to remove any of that filth!

4. There’s an option for fine hair, too!

Fine hair is super delicate and the last thing this hair type needs is a brush that will pull hair out, which makes shopping for a brush quite tricky. Try out wide tooth boar bristle brush which will avoid the unintentional removal of hair or damage and prevent tangles. If your hair is fine and extremely fragile or prone to breakage choose a boar bristle brush with softer bristles to avoid any further damage.

Will you try out the boar bristle brush?

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