27 Straight Bangs Hairstyles and Cuts to Inspire Your New Look

Almost a month's worth of bangs to inspire your new look.

Bangs are an awesome hairstyle idea that allow you to switch up your look without going for a drastic chop! However, as in with all hairstyles, getting hair bangs can be tricky, especially if you want straight bangs. While not necessarily an issue for those with straight hair, those without it will have to deal with some styling and blow-drying on the daily. If you’re game for that, we are totally behind you! The main thing is to know exactly what you want so that you can easily describe and show your stylist. To help you out with the research, we’ve compiled a collection of straight bangs hairstyles and cuts to inspire your new straight style bangs.

27 Straight Bangs Hairstyles and Cuts to Inspire You

Whether you’re opting for micro bangs or want full on, thick fringe, there are so many ways you can try out straight bangs.

1. Thin Micro Bangs

straight bangs black long micro bangs
An edgier version of a classic style.

Looking for a way to wear straight across bangs with a twist? Have your stylist cut a super thin layer of hair into micro bangs for an edgy version of this classic style.

2. Bleach Blonde Bangs

straight bangs bleach blonde bob
Get creative with your color and cut.

Pair straight cut bangs with a brand new pop of color this summer. Bleach blonde strands make a major statement that pairs gorgeous with bangs.

3. Thin Bangs

straight bangs blonde full bangs medium length
Worried about committing to full bangs? Try this style.

A lighter layer of bangs that easily blend into the layers of your haircut is great if you’re a little worried about committing to a full set of fringe.

4. Classic Bangs

straight bangs blonde medium length
It’s a classic for good reason.

We consider this the most classic option when it comes to straight hair bangs. Some haircuts will involve blending your bangs into the rest of the style but this standalone option makes a major statement, in a good way.

5. Rooted Cropped Bangs

straight bangs blonde rooted pixie micro
Change everything from cut to color.

Go short all over and pair cropped bangs with a messy layered pixie.

6. Thick Silver Bangs

straight bangs long silver thick
Get in on two trends at the same time.

Believe it or not, those of us with thick hair sometimes have a hard time dealing with all that hair. Opting for a set of thick bangs takes some of the thickness off the rest of your hair, making it much easier to deal with.

To make sure your hair stays vibrant for as long as possible between color sessions, use a purple shampoo. We love Nexxus Purple Assure Shampoo and Conditioner because it uses Keratin protein and violet pigments to keep hair healthy and eliminate brassy tones.

7. Straight Red Bangs

straight bangs long red hair
A color this vibrant will make the rest of your features pop in a major way.

Frame your face with a vibrant shade of red paired with straight fringe for added boldness.

8. Thick Blunt Bangs

straight bangs light blonde bob
The best way to rock a bob in your twenties.

Opt for a set of straight across bangs with a super blunt edge. This gives an added dose of personality to a classic bob.

9. Curved Straight Bangs

straight bangs curved blonde straight hair
The best option for the faint of heart.

If you’re not completely sold on full bangs yet, consider a more flattering curved option. These bangs seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair for a flattering and easy transition.

10. Short Bangs

straight bangs brunette short bangs thin hair
Don’t let your face get lost in this cut.

Don’t want to lose your super strong eyebrow game in this haircut? We don’t blame you. Opt for shorter bangs so that you can still show off your perfectly groomed brows.

11. Curved Bangs

straight bangs medium length brown
Nail this look by committing another 5 minutes to your morning routine.

This style will require a little blow dryer training as it’s best executed when you curve your bangs under a bit. Simply let them air dry until they’re 60% dry and use a round brush to blow dry them under until they’re 100% dry.

12. Feathered Bangs

straight bangs medium length brunette
A softer and more understated option.

Feathered edges soften a set of full bangs and make them accessible to virtually everyone.

13. Messy Long Bangs

straight bangs messy updo
Sometimes messy is best.

Start off with bangs that appear to be just a bit overgrown and a little longer on the sides. This style looks great with any updo style including a super messy bun.

14. Micro Bangs

straight bangs micro bangs long brown layers
Don’t sacrifice some of your best features on the road to full bangs.

We can’t get enough of this edgy trend and the way it gives you a full set of bangs without hiding your face. This is a rare example of a style that does it all and it’s one of our favorites.

15. Blown Out Bangs

straight bangs middle part
This is an ideal style for the days when you miss your old hair.

This is a prime example of a way to wear your bangs if you ever find yourself tiring of a full set. Create a center part on damp hair, then blow-dry them to the sides for a totally different look.

When blow-drying your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant beforehand so your hair stays damage-free. We love TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray because it protects your hair when styling with heat up to 450 degrees, and it doesn’t leave any residue on your strands.

16. Soft Side Bangs

straight bangs relaxed curls side bangs
Soft bangs + loose waves = the perfect summer style

Side bangs are known to be a softer bang option if you aren’t ready to commit to full bangs. This is a prime example of how side bangs work with lightly curled shoulder-length hair and we love the results.

17. Wavy Layered Bangs

straight bangs red waves with layers
Opt for a cohesive look.

The secret to completely blending your bangs into the rest of your style is opting for layers that line up. Blend the loose wavy texture of the rest of your strands into your fringe by letting your bangs maintain a bit of a natural wave.

18. Micro Bangs and a Ponytail

straight bangs red micro bangs and a ponytail
Revive old tired styles with a set of micro fringe.

We love the way different styles take on a whole new life when paired with bangs. A thick set of micro bangs takes a simple ponytail to the next level.

19. Bangs and a Messy Bun

straight bangs red messy bun
Filed under: how to wear a messy bun out to dinner.

We’re big proponents of anything that streamlines our beauty routines while still allowing us to look put together. A full set of fringe takes a messy bun from casual to chic in no time at all.

20. Bangs and a Three-Strand Braid

straight bangs ombre braid
A full set of fringe can be an instant accessory.

If you haven’t yet mastered the intricate braids you’ve been lusting after, a full set of fringe is the best way to take a basic three-strand braid to the next level by adding some extra visual interest.

21. Bangs and a Beanie

silvery side bangs under a beanie
Rework some of your favorite accessories.

Accessorize your side bangs by wearing a beanie and letting them peek out from underneath.

22. Center Parted Bangs

straight bangs center parted long straight hair
Add some instant volume.

This style is one of the best ways to add some volume to straight hair. These straight bangs will act as a shorter layer that won’t get weighed down with the rest of your hair and will add instant volume to the top layer of your strands.

23. Side-Parted Bangs

straight bangs side parted in a ponytail brown hair
Comb your bangs to the side for a totally different look.

A full set of straight bangs gets a second life when you simply brush them to the side for a set of pseudo-side bangs.

24. Thick Versatile Bangs

straight bangs sideswept long brown
The best of everything.

Thick bangs with feathered ends are perhaps the most versatile option when it comes to bangs. You can wear them down and full, swept to the side, or combed all the way over as side bangs.

25. Cropped Bangs + Ombre

straight bangs sideswept slight ombre
Two trends are better than one.

Pair slightly cropped bangs with a subtle ombre and nail two of this season’s trends in one.

26. Wispy Bangs

straight bangs medium brown hair with wispy bangs
These are the bangs that work for everyone.

Wispy bangs are a lighter approach to a full set of fringe. They won’t look too heavy on your face and they’re a more universally flattering option.

27. Short Side Swept Bangs

straight bangs short wavy bob
This cropped cute style is one of our favorites.

Below, we’ve listed 5 of the reasons that we love the look of straight across bangs. And with advantages ranging from boosting youthfulness to the way they can totally transform your face shape, by the time we’re through, you’ll be begging your stylist to squeeze you in.

5 reasons we love straight cut bangs more than life itself

1. They make even simple straight hair look 100x more chic

Have naturally straight hair? Bangs have this weird magical skill of making even a basic straight style look way more ‘done’ and glamorous, without you actually having to do anything! So if you want a style that’ll have you hopping out of bed looking fire, this it it.

Editor’s tip: To keep your fringe looking perfectly polished, you want to avoid greasy roots creeping in between washes, as they could flatten your fringe.

Use a dry shampoo (like the Dove Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo) to soak up any excess oils or dirt and you’ll fool people into thinking you’ve got freshly washed tresses at all times.

2. They balance out your face shape

Face shape should always be considered when choosing a new cut. Straight cut bangs are especially suited to those with heart shaped faces, as they work to balance out angular chins and avert people’s gaze up to your eyes instead.

Square faced? You can also rock straight bangs, just ask your stylist to feather your ends for a softer, wispy look rather than a harsh, blunt line as this will be more flattering for you.

3. They’re basically an instant facelift

Worried about the signs of aging? You don’t need to splash out on Botox to turn back the clock, girls, just get a fringe!

The right fringe can act as a total facelift, helping you out in a number of ways, from actually covering up forehead wrinkles to giving a more youthful and stylish appearance.

4. They draw attention to your best features

Straight bangs act as a border to your face, concealing your forehead while playing up your best features at the same time. You can even use them to cover up your brows if they’re overdue a threading session!

5. They’re drastic — but not that drastic

We all have those wild moments where we want to go crazy and do something different with our hair, but we also don’t want you to do something we’ll regret.

Luckily, while fringes can totally transform your look, getting one cut in won’t affect the length of the rest of your hair. Plus, if you hate it, you can always clip it back, which helps eliminate some of the fear factor.

Looking for more bangs hairstyles to inspire your new look? Check out our ultimate guide to bangs.

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