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This Is How to Pull Off the Tucked Hair Trend and Look Cool Doing It

A.k.a: A viable excuse to expand your scarf collection.

Like a jacket nonchalantly thrown over your shoulders or pairing sneakers with a fancier dress, the tucked hair trend is one of the more decidedly street style-esque trends we’ve seen. Not exactly practical but on point nonetheless, the tucked hair look can be found outside fashion week venues all over the world. Like many eclectic trends, there’s a fine line between pulling it off and falling short. When it comes to the tucked hair look, following these guidelines will have you looking cool and on-trend every time:

How to Pull Off Tucked Hair

tucked hair blonde waves
This is easily the simplest and coolest look of the season. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Start with dirty hair.

Give into the grunge of this particular look and wear it when it’s been a few days since your last wash. Make use of one of our favorite dry shampoos, Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo, and refresh your roots while simultaneously adding some volume. The clean-but-grungy results will have your hair in the perfect condition for trying this trend.

Plan your outfit accordingly.

Keep your eye out for a turtleneck to add to your collection or dig one up from last year’s wave and herald the return of turtleneck glory. Alternatively, you can grab a scarf and wind it around your neck making sure to keep your hair tucked in.

tucked hair blonde straight hair
Simply tuck and go. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Find your confidence… or fake it.

Like most styles that look cool on your Instagram feed but don’t always translate easily to real life, this one requires confidence. Find your confidence or simply fake it till you make it. We promise, that actually works. And rest easy knowing you’re trying and pulling off one of the coolest trends of the season.

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