6 Hair Color Trends We Loved from 2016

Some color trends we want to see again in 2017!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And now it’s time to reflect on this past year as we get ready for 2017. Other than compiling a list of resolutions, we’re also taking a stroll down memory lane to help us with our “New Year, New You” looks. At the office, we’re all dying to try a new hair color on our hair, so we’re discussing all of the hair color trends we loved from 2016 to help us decide on the best new hue for 2017. Ahead are some of our most coveted hair color trends from this past year.

Hair Color Trends: Looks We Loved from 2016

hair color trends orange ponytail
Neon colored hair was a big trend for 2016.

1. Neon Colored Hair

For the girls that love a hairstyle with a little bit of edge, this neon colored hair trend was one of the best ways to rock a pop of color in your hair for 2016. And you better believe it didn’t stop there, we saw gorgeous hues of vibrant blues and bright rainbow colored hair.

hair color trends pumpkin spice hair
Pumpkin spice everything! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Pumpkin Spice Hair

As soon as the fall season hit, we all became excited about making and eating pumpkin everything, but we couldn’t just stop there so pumpkin spice hair became a thing. We predict that the trend will be back in September of 2017, so stay ahead of the game with these pretty pumpkin spice hair ideas.

hair color trends auburn hair color
One of our most favorite brown hair hues of the year.

3. Auburn Hair

Whether worn full on brown or with a touch of highlights to brighten things up a bit, auburn hair was a major hair color trend throughout the entire year and we definitely see why. This hair color looks great on just about any skin tone and helps bring out some of your favorite features. Need help picking the best one? Here are the best auburn hair colors to try.

hair color trends brown ombre
Subtle ombré hairstyles for the low-key girl. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Light Brown Ombré

There are so many hair color trends you can choose from to make a statement with your hair, but the light brown ombré was the best way to make a subtle statement in 2016. This option is suitable for the gals that want to go for a low key hair color option that’s bound to carryover in 2017.

hair color trends long grey hair
This grey trend proves age ain’t nothing but a number. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. The Gray Hair Trend

Gone are the days when gray hair determined your age. During 2016 we saw plenty stylish iterations of the gray hair trend. From icy gray, to ashy gray, this hair color was a hit and we’re sure that’ll we will see more of in 2017.

ombre curls hair color trends
Ombré works for any hair type. Photo credit: Susan Cohen Photography

6. Blonde Ombré on All Hair Textures

The beauty of hair color is that it can be worn on any length and hair type to spruce up your look. We fell in love with this blonde ombré on curly textured hair during NYFW and we are sure it will be popping up again in 2017!

Which of these hair color ideas did you love from 2016? If you’re looking for more, check out these cool winter hair color ideas, how you can try box braids with color and subtle highlight ideas for dark brown hair