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The Best Hairstyles for a Rainy Day

Don't let a little rain put a damper on your mane.

We’ve all been there: we wake up, look outside and all at once our dreams of a voluminous frizz-free mane are just about shattered. Yup, you guessed it, it’s raining. But who said there aren’t plenty of other fun ways to style your hair when the skies begin to open up? We at All Things Hair believe in, you guessed it, all things hair—rain or shine. To help you hop on the positivity train, we rounded up five of the best hairstyles to rock on a rainy day so that you can stop feeling like a little falling H2O is the end of the world.

5 Best Hairstyles for a Rainy Day

1. Best Hairstyles for a Rainy Day Headscarf

A headscarf can add so much to a simple style.

While rain might put a damper on a totally sleek ‘do, it doesn’t do any harm to an accessorized updo. Whether you have curly strands or sleek straight hair, this style will work for you. Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and secure it at the nape of your neck. Next, place the scarf around your head like a headband, tie the ends around your ponytail, and you’ll be good to go! To help with frizziness and give the style extra hold, use Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Light Hold Hair Spray.

2. Try a Hat Hairstyles for a Rainy Day

best hairstyles for a rainy day hat
Bad hair day? A hat can save you.

Some people’s hair just doesn’t play nice with the rain. You know, maybe your fine hair doesn’t dry as nicely once it gets doused by some moisture, which means your left with slightly greasy looking roots or frizzy strands. If you fall into this category, simply secure your hair in a low messy bun and top your look off with a hat. Feel free to leave two strands of hair out of the updo to frame your face. With this style, you’re totally bringing out your inner model-off-duty vibes.

3. Half-Up Hairstyle

Best Hairstyles for a rainy day Half-Up hairstyles
A half-up look is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face, rain or shine.

You’re well aware by now that half-up hairstyles are having a serious moment right now. They’re great even on rainy days. What makes this look such a standout is that the pulled-back top half will allow your hair from hanging in your face once it becomes stringy or frizzy after getting wet. So, not only will you keep wet flyways from obstructing your view, but you’ll look great doing it!

4. Space Buns

Best Hairstyles for a rainy day: space buns
Space buns help make rainy days two times as fun.

Hate the feeling being weighed down by your wet hair sticking to your neck and shoulders? Space buns are here to save the day! To get the look all you have to do is create your part and wrap two symmetrical top knots, messy buns, braided buns–you name it–on either side of your head. Voila!

5. Low Bun With Clips

Make your style pop with hair clips.

And last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a sophisticated style that’ll get you through the rain, opt for a low messy bun. This is simple, works on all hair types, and instantly gives you a sleek look. Add hair clips to dress up the style.

If you want to achieve an extra sleek style, use Suave Max Hold Sculpting Gel to achieve a more slicked-back look. The gel will also help your hair stay in place if it gets wet or is prone to frizz from the humidity.


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