16 Elegant Hairstyles for Short Hair You’ll Want to Wear in 2019

These fancy hairstyles for short hair don't need much to stand out.

Do you have a big event coming up? First step: breathe. There are endless amounts of elegant hairstyles for short hair to choose from and there’s no reason to be stressed. Whether you have a pixie, short shag or bob, there are fancy updos for short hair that you’ll fall in love with.

Some of the elegant hairstyles for short hair can be created by simply adding a hair accessory—ribbons, flowers and jewels can easily transform your everyday strands into beautiful romantic updos for short hair. Read on to see some of our faves:

1. Ribbon Headband

elegant hairstyles for short hair headband
With or without a bow, headband’s make an outfit pop.

A ribbon headband, with or without a bow, can quickly amp up any style. Consider a classic black ribbon headband or opt for one that matches your outfit. To keep your hair as shiny as your satin headband, spray on Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray. This hairspray will lock down your style and give your hair a gleaming shine.

2. Flower Pin

elegant hairstyles for short hair flower pin
Silk, tulle, or real?

By placing a flower pin in your short strands,  you’ve instantly nailed fancy hair for short hair! It’s really that easy. Flower pins come in fabrics that range from tulle to silk and each one will give your style a different effect. Best yet, they’re also DIY-friendly! To make one, all you need is a glue gun, a flower of your choice, and a barrette or hairpin.

3. Finger Waves

elegant hairstyles for short hair finger waves
Go vintage. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Pixies, boy cuts and bobs are all the perfect cuts for finger waves. To create finger waves, comb Nexxus Exxtra Hold Styling Gel through damp hair. The gel creates an all-day (and night) hold for any style. Create “S” shaped waves with a comb, pin waves in place with hairpins, and let them dry.

4. Loose Curls

elegant hairstyles for short hair loose waves
Tousled chic!

If you have a long-layered pixie, a short shag, or layered bob, you can add romantic curls with a curling iron. Follow our tutorial on how to curl short hair—you won’t believe how quickly this look can be created! After washing your hair and before you start styling, work a small amount of Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse through your hair from root to ends. The lightweight mousse works on eliminating frizz as it adds body and bounce to hair. Then, spray TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray through hair to prevent heat damage. After that, blow-dry your hair on a low heat setting, and then create your curls with the curling iron.

5. Floral Comb or Floral Headband

elegant hairstyles for short hair flower comb
Blooming beautiful. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Take a wide floral comb or an ornate floral headband, and instead of wearing vertically, wear it horizontally across the back of your head. This is one of those elegant hairstyles for short hair that everyone will want to copy!

6. Jeweled Headband

elegant hairstyles for short hair jeweled headband
Pair volume with glam.

There are tons of velvet and metallic jeweled headbands out there that turn a simple cut into fancy hair for short hair in seconds. For added elegance, add some volume and height to your tresses. Use TRESemmé Making Waves Shaping Gel to help style waves and curls for lots of added height and definition.

7. ’30s Pin Curls and Front Wave Short Hair Updo

elegant hairstyles for short hair '30s glam updo
Go old Hollywood.

Up your hair game with a Hollywood-style glam updo.

8. Wet Look Mini Bun

elegant hairstyles for short hair wet look mini bun
Slick it back. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Gather your tresses into a mini bun. TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel will help you slick your hair back and get that wet look in seconds.

9. Scattered Floral Hair Pins

elegant hairstyles for short hair scattered flowers
Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Floral hairpins will turn short hair into fancy hairstyles for short hair super fast! Scatter embellished hairpins throughout your hair for a messy and undone look.

10. Thin Crown Braid

elegant hairstyles for short hair thin crown braid
Princess vibes.

If you have a long-layered pixie or shag, you can easily create a thin crown braid accent. Use our step-by-step directions to do it at home.

11. Voluminous Curly Pixie

elegant hairstyles for short hair curly pixie
Amp up the drama.

Pump up the volume on your curly pixie for a voluminous and striking style.

12. Side Braided Pixie

elegant hairstyles for short hair side braid
Super fast to do, super cute to wear. Photo credit: Dvora

There’s something about a braid that instantly elevates any style. Use our side braid tutorial to take your pixie or bob to that next level of chic.

13. Open Dutch Braid

elegant hairstyles for short hair side dutch braid
An accent braid nestled in curls.

An open Dutch braid is a beautiful way to show off your beautiful hair. Prep your strands for this style by using Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo followed by the Conditioner. This duo will help cleanse your hair while adding volume at the same time. While your hair is still damp, apply TRESemmé TRES Two Climate Protection Mousse from roots to ends, and then blow-dry. Using a medium-sized curling iron, create random curls throughout your hair. After your curls set, create your open Dutch braid.

14. Structured Waves

elegant hairstyles for short hair structured waves
Sexy, messy waves.

Bobs, layered bobs and shags undergo a style metamorphosis when waves are added. To create these waves, spray Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray on damp hair and blow dry your hair. The heat protection spray acts as a shield against heat damage and also works as a lightweight leave-in conditioner. When hair is dry, lightly spray Love Beauty Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray throughout hair and comb the product through from roots to ends. Using a one-inch curling iron, create curls throughout your hair. When the hair cools down, use your fingers to shape the curls into waves. Finish off the style with a few drops of Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil for a frizz-free shine!

15. Mini Bun

elegant hairstyles for short hair baby bun
Small and sleek.

Tuck your bob up into a mini ballerina bun that sits at the nape of your neck. For an added touch of romance, pull out a few strands of hair that will frame your face.

16. Hair Chalk

elegant hairstyles for short hair hair chalk
You can’t go wrong with color.

Elegant hairstyles for short hair can become electric when using hair chalk. You can use one shade or opt for more than one color. Click for more creative ways to wear hair chalk.

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